alexis o'donald

name; alexis o'donald
nickname; lex
age; 21
dob; january 26
nationality; american
hometown; nyc
face claim; ariana grande
personality; lex is cute and fun and loves to be around people, but do those people actually want to be around her or do they just want to be her friend for her family's fortune? lex is a sweet and flirty girl and is that perfect daughter to her parents, always doing what they want, except when it comes to singing.
bio; lex grew up in nyc with her parents who gave her everything, when she was nine she moved to cali. she loves to sing and wants to pursue a career in singing, but that is the one thing her parents disapprove of, they believe being a famous singer is not the best the career for their perfect daughter. when she was 18 she became anorexic and her parents sent her to rehab for 6 months. she's been back for a while but she's only just getting back to her old habits.
current occupation; college student & sings at small gigs
family expectation; to become a doctor like her mother or run a business like her father
secret; she was sent to rehab when her parents found out about her anorexia, but her parents told everyone she went to school abroad in london and now she's back and she's slowly eating a little more
extra; she has two munchkin kittens elle and kylie

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