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name // aria elise windsor
nickname(s) // n/a
age // sixteen years of life
date of birth // august fourteenth, thirty-two minutes after the stroke of midnight
hometown // yorba linda, california
nationality // american
{ - - - x - - - }
appearance // { candice swanepoel }
{ eyes }
the utter image of perfection, it is undeniable that those almond-shaped sapphires are aria's most flawless feature, that are displayed just below a pair of arched eyebrows which have no need for plucking, as they are already at the perfect state.
{ lips }
those seductive lips are a prize that only few men ever touch. those rose-tinted, plump lips, are usually found in a small upward smile, an illusion of welcome and seduction.
{ facial structure }
naturally, with those sapphire-blue eyes and rose-tinted lips, her cheekbones are etched high upon her face, illuminating youth and liveliness. of course, aria's nose is included in this segment too, which, there isn't too much to speak of, simply put, her nose is set at an elegant slope and appears narrow yet eloquent, nothing too perfect nor too average.
{ hair }
"...and as she flipped her golden curls, i knew she was, completely and utterly, perfect." this holds quite true when it comes to aria's appearance, her hair falls in cascading waves past her svelte, sun-kissed shoulders and lies volumized and soft.
{ figure / measurements }
bust size - 33"
waist size - 23"
hip size - 34.5"
height - 5'9"
{ - - - x - - - }
personality // despite the lovely appearance, aria never really had the blessed outgoing personality, she is usually more void and detached, somewhat conserved even, in all her actions. aria tends to keep to herself, only properly introducing herself to those she feels are 'worthy.' the only people she is willing to let herself loose or be her more genuine and preppy self to are those who she's grown to know, unless of course, she's drunk, then, well, let the party begin...
biography //
set apart from the impeccable features aria is blessed with, aria was never blessed with a pleasant and peaceful life that she so yearned for since the day the small wail emitted from the lakeside hospital of yorba linda, california approximately thirty minutes after the clock struck twelve.
early on in life, aria had been doomed to receive type two diabetes, the common misconception about this health condition is that it only occurs to those who eat too much junk food, no, unfortunately type two diabetes can also be genetic, but given later on in life. aria, whom had been diagnosed with type two diabetes at the young age of four, had grown used to taking the painful shots each day and pricking her fingers for blood pressure examination. though of course this didn't lead to much appreciation in school, especially in later years of elementary and early to middle years of middle school, as type two diabetes was not considered "cool." thus comes aria's reserved personality, as she vowed to never reveal this in future schools, ever.
aria was surrounded by the wealthiest people in the world, growing up in the rich suburb of yorba linda, california, a place that was reserved for only the mega stars or the intellectual elites. aria's parents, dominic and valerie windsor, were among the group of mega stars, dominic being a world-famous director and valerie being an avant garde runway model.
living her life surrounded by paparazzi, aria had grown used to the flashing cameras as she stepped out of the windsor estate at age ten, this specific day, december twenty-fourth, christmas-eve, was a day when aria windsor's life would take another sad turn of events, and aria would never be the same again.
in the back seat, the eleven-year-old axel pointed out of the silver bugatti, showing aria the peaceful homes of the middle-classed neighborhoods, a very light blanket of snow settling upon the tiled rooftops as the two looked upon the scene in pure wistfulness, both wishing for a peaceful life as the bugatti slowly came to a stop at the local medical hospital, axel and aria being ushered out by their butler, damian, secret member of the mafia.
aria and axel strode solemnly up the steps, dominic just ahead as they entered room 661, dominic talking to the doctor as aria and axel looked somberly down at their mother's frail form, the once healthy model's appearance ashen and near death from the morphine that had mysteriously appeared in her food month's before. she was close to death, they knew, but none expected the ring of the telephone that night of christmas-eve, a day celebrated by most living in the rich suburb of yorba linda, but a day that is mourned by the windsor family.
since their mothers death, everything changed, dominic involved himself in his business full-time, often snapping at the children for the slightest of mistakes, axel and aria were sent from one presitigious school to the next, looking for a place where they could finally find themselves... at home.
family //
dominic windsor - aria's father - currently 47 - type-two diabetic - world-famous director
valerie windsor - aria's mother - would be 45, died at 39 - type-two diabetic - avant garde runway model
axel windsor - aria's brother - currently 17 - type-two diabetic, also diagnosed with polio at age three -
damian atkinson - butler - currently 34 - perfect health - secret member of the mafia, injected morphine into valerie windsor's dinner
secret // is it such a surprise that aria's vow is her secret? that she should never tell anyone of her health condition, as it would be a curse to her and those she loves if anyone found out that the seemingly perfect windsor family has type two diabetes running through their blood? what would the neighbors think? what would the fans think? what would the world think?
flaws // with unbecoming fame and wealth, there are certainly flaws. as there is not such a definition of complete perfection in this cruel world. aria, unfortunately, is no exception. perhaps her biggest flaw is her ability to withhold the truth, to conceal herself and remain conserved, only partying when she truly feels comfortable, but of course, with every thorn comes its rose as well, is it hard to perceive that aria's deepest flaw, the thorn to her rose, could also be the rose to her thorn?
{ - - - x - - - }
likes // privacy, swimming, gymnastics, writing, speaking to axel through their string-can communication system, clubs, drinking (keeps her mind off her worries), the old days, being with people she trusts, pastels, the ocean, dreaming
dislikes // misconception, fame, the present, christmas-eve, being ignored, her health condition
hobbies // though not mentioned in her biography, aria does love sports, most kinds actually, and has grown especially fond of swimming and gymnastics to pass the time. aria's other hobbies include writing, friends, shopping, make-up application, and anything to keep her mind off things
{ - - - x - - - }
preferred clique placement // platinums
roleplay experience // two and a half years
activeness // 9.5
extra // n/a
partial charrie name credit to: audrey @fashion-outfit
appearance format credit and 'axel and dominic' name credit to: avie @avie4eva


Wrote two years ago
@innovisa thank you (:

Wrote two years ago
@summerinwond3rlandxo IM SO SORRY I NEVER SAW THIS. I left Sterling when I thought I was never accepted. SORRY SORRY SORRY.

Wrote two years ago
@avie4eva late reply, BUT THANK YA BABY (:

Wrote two years ago
To me, Aria is mysterious, athletic, secretive and really...cool. I know you said you would like her to be in the Platinums, which is Sapphire's in Sterling.Prep, but I really like the idea of Aria, and I would like to see how she handles everything.
Diamonds xo.

Wrote two years ago
yay dominic and axel!!!!!!


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