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Full Name - Coraline Faith Walters
Pronunciation - ‘Corh-Ah-Line’ ‘Fayh-Thu’ ‘Wall-Terhs’
Nick Name - Cora, Coralie
Invite Clique Choice - Any
Regular Clique Choice - Any
Age - Sixteen
Date of Birth - 19th July
Place of Birth - Little Heath, Coventry
Hometown - Little Heath, Coventry
Nationality - 100 % pure British rose, both parents having lived, loved and laughed in the city of London Coraline is completely and utterly English.
Appearance - Cascading hair the colour of autumn leaves flows down her back in thick, voluminous waves, stopping low down her back in a gentle curve. A face splattered and splashed with freckles and beauty marks as dark and rich as chocolate. With lips so full and plump the shade of purest pink and a small, rounded nose with wide, cerulean blue eyes there’s no doubt that Coraline is a stunning and most natural beauty. A face so perfect it was made by the angels themselves.
Personality - Coraline is sweet, sensitive and sympathetic towards others and is often known for being the darling of the school among teachers and students. She had always been quiet and reserved, keeping to herself and her sister mostly, confiding all of her secrets in her as a best friend. Open and friendly though she was welcoming to everyone she met and never excluded anyone. Coraline is simply lovely.
Flaws - As sweet as sugar she can be she can also be bitter. Coraline has a habit for disliking people too easily. Just like she wears her heart on her sleeve she also wears her hatred and unfortunately for her she can’t hide her expressions as well as she thinks and so often ends up offending people through a small furrowed eyebrow or downturned smirk.
Biography - Never having been one to take the attention or spotlight Coraline was grateful having been born as a younger sister, hoping her older sister would take the fame, fashion and fortune from her so that she could enjoy a simple life. Even from a young age Coraline enjoyed playing by herself or with just her sister, never vying for the attention of others and certainly not demanding the newest or most expensive toys. She was content.
But such a beautiful girl born to such an ordinary family was bound to stand out from her sister and she most definitely did. Noticed by many and adored by all she was the favourite amongst peers, teachers and especially the boys. But she was never interested in any of them surprisingly and despite getting gifts upon gifts and invites for dates, dances and dinner’s she turned them all down.
Keeping it her own little secret about who her true crush was upon and finding herself one day to finally live it out. Having longed for her art teacher for as long as she could remember when she stayed behind to help clear out the brushes she was astonished to find he felt the same way.
Now the secret was shared between the two of them and she spent most days after school with her new love and for the past year has been seeing her teacher in secret. But of course there’s not only the issue of him being her teacher and her having only been 15 when they got together … he also has a wife.
Months of secrets, deception and passion leading up to one final moment. Having planned to run away together on her 16th birthday everything was thwarted when another student caught them together in the art classroom. Soon enough they were both sent to the headmaster to talk privately and rather than have her love lose his job she sacrificed herself. Having to move her family away from their home and herself away from the school she gave it all up so he would be saved. It never was revealed just how close they were and of course only the two of them can know the true extent.
Starting over again Coraline holds a heavy heart in her chest and only hopes she doesn’t mess up again and let her heart rule her head.
Trying to settle into a new school, new life and new home she only hopes her sister can forgive her for uprooting their life all because Coraline was caught up in affairs of the heart. Since having heard of the situation her sister has refused to speak to Coraline and deep down she knows she deserves it for having not told her best friend what was going on with her teacher and lover.
Family -
Mother = Irelene Walters = 38
Father = Norman Walters = 41
Older Sister = Jennifer Walters = 18
Likes -
Warm Sweaters
Cosy Nights
Dislikes -
Cold Feet
Big Dogs
Hobbies -
Interests -
Possessions - There aren’t many things Coraline cares for in the world, other than a few favourite jeans and jumpers the only main possessions she loves are her art sets. Pastels, paints, watercolours, pencils, chalk and more Coraline adores her art and keeps every piece she’s ever made.
Secret - There’s a large rumour surrounding the extent of the relationship between Coraline and her old art teacher but of course they’re the only ones aware of what really happened and she has no plans of revealing it to anyone. Even her sister.
Other - She sometimes still talks to her art teacher, having his number means they still text often but have to keep it quiet or else he’ll most definitely get fired.

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