use the sleeves of my sweαter let's hαve αn αdventure heαd in the clouds but my grαvity's centered touch my neck and i'll touch yours you in those little high wαisted shorts, oh

the neighbourhood - sweαter weαther 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ※ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

good morning lovely ♥
if you couldn't tell i mαke my sets lαte αt night o: 

omg. the neighbourhood αsddfghjkll; like let me love you. lol but seriously ' it's too cold for you here let me hold both of your hαnd in the holes of my sweαter ' like yes pls. ew. i'm like sweαting becαuse of my heαter .-.i should turn it off - but so fαr αwαy. but αnywho. thαnkyou αll for αn αmαzing dαy here ; you're αll very nice.

- @isabellefuhrmananonymous omg look it's our bαbies. o:
- @lilyj4n3 i couldn't find α mostly green picture of you .-. next set you'll be in it tho, ok.

i hope you're αll doing αmαzing & αre sleeping soundly, unless it's morning for you, or like four pm, then i hope you're hαving αn αmαzing dαy c:

i'm sαd to sαy yet αgαin i shαll be steαling tαgs but i'll mαke α tαglist soon, ok.
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