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● full name ;; coralie lillian d'laurents
● nickname ;; leigh
● age ;; seventeen
● date of birth ;; december second nineteen ninety-five
● hometown ;; venice, italy
● nationalities[s] ;; latin / / italian / / greek
● appearance ;;
{ hair }
leigh's hair is a golden brunette, falling in waves that feel like silk to her middle back. her hair has the scent of spring, roses, flowers, air. it is healthy and falls perfectly down her back. leigh loves to play with her hair, wearing it differently almost every day.
{ eyes}
there is hardly any way to describe the beauty of leigh's eyes. they are the perfect almond shape, fitting amazingly on her face. her eyes are a light blue towards the outer of her irises, but turn greener as they come closer to the pupil. they sparkle when she laughs, which is often. they are surrounded by dark, thick lashes that never need mascara.
{ skin }
leigh's skin is a golden tan color, even in the winter. it is flawless, with only a couple freckles around the bridge of her nose. she doesn't have to wear any make-up to cover blemishes, etc.
{ body }
leigh is 5'10, often hating that she towers over many people. she is very fit from swimming and fitness. she is mostly flat chested, not caring about those things. leigh 110 pounds, happy with her weight and doesn't care what she eats. she usually burns off all the calories during her daily swim
● personality ;; leigh is one of those girls you'll see drawing or reading by herself. she loves to meet new people, but her shyness keeps her from doing so. she is determined and doesn't care what people think of her, as long as she is content with herself. she likes things to be neat and orderly, having colored pens with her at all times to color code things. leigh is also very calm and is an introvert. she likes to laugh and have a good time. her grades are outstanding, having a 6.0 GPA from taking many honors courses. she likes to be optimistic and thinks that everyone has good in them.
● flaws ;; since she is so shy, it keeps from expanding her horizons socially and academically. she tries to make friends, but ends up by herself.
● major ;; music
● experiences & achievements ;; she loves to play the piano and paint and is amazing at both. she has never played in front of a person before or ever shown anyone her paintings. she is also a swimmer, the only thing she does in front of people. she has one many swimming trophies for getting first place in all of her races.
● example of major ;; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9haTFoGcvk
● secret ;; her mother abused her when leigh was little, this being the main reason leigh is so quiet.
● hobbies ;; playing the piano, reading, painting / drawing, swimming, singing{to herself}
● likes;; the color orange, music, piano, dogs, animals, dancing, cold weather, heights, scary movies, coffee, thick blankets, plays, swimming, traveling, silk, lace, combat boots, spring, winter, laughing, fuzzy things, classic books, photography, flowers
● dislikes ;; the color brown, spiders and cockroaches, bad music, badly written books
● academic information ;; leigh has kept a 6.0 GPA throughout high school from taking many honors and ap classes. she gets a's and an occasional b.
● additional information ;; n / a

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Wrote 4 years ago
xx - i push my olive green glasses onto my face as i sit down into one of the plush chairs. i look at the names on the list, seeing i'm next. a wave of panic comes over me as i think about everything that could go wrong. i hear the song end, knowing it is my turn. i slip my glasses off, only needing them to see far distances. my cream colored flats make no sound as i walk up the steps to the stage. my blue green eyes face the judges as they ask for my name. "coralie d'laurents" i say, holding my voice steady. i turn, sitting down in front of the piano. i place m dainty hand on the keys, my mind calm, feeling home.


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