♕ ;; ριrσυetteѕ, ρeαrℓѕ, & ρrαdα ;; ♕

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- & . . iѕαbeℓℓα mαrie crσft
- & . . iza-bell-ah / ma-rey / kroft
- & . . only friends may call her beℓℓα
- & . . { s i x t e e n }
- & . . paris, france
- & . . уeѕ, ѕhe dσeѕ indeed hανe α beαυtifυℓ french αccent
- & . . { 12 / 2O / l995 }

{ - × × × - }

- appearance ; ; [ fridα gυѕtανѕѕon ]

the parisian beauty. that's what people say when they see her, murmur that small sentence. for she is. she enthralls a person with a single step, the sun..shining down on her perfectly, the stars, catching in her wide, doe-like green eyes, the breeze, ruffling her hair into loose, flowing mermaid curls. 'who is she?' they murmur.
simple. she's beℓℓα.
her hair falls in glossy, voluminous royal waves. her hair colour varies from the rich, authentic subtle orange, to loose highlighted waves of creamy blonde. her natural mermaid waves spill down her shoulders, falling over her chest in neat layers- not even the highest of deluxe hair stylists could copy such a look. her left part causes her strawberry blonde hair to [ sometimes ] fall in her eyes, and interference to her dancing. oh, but her eyes. moss green eyes- bringing you back to memories of playing in the forest, camping under the stars, or spending the summer is a sweltering cabin in the woods, her eyes are hypnotic, the epitome of mystic beauty. charcoal lashes frame her doe-like eyes, fluttering as preciously as the darkest butterfly wings. they swoop down, caressing her sculpted cheekbones, which any victoria`s secret model would just /die/ for. her oh-so-kissable, desirable, peony pink cupid-bowed lips place themselves underneath her sculpted, ski-slope nose, often pouted in a look of disdain, or murmuring to you seductive, sultry sentences to you in her native french language- which any boy, or girl, would die to hear.
bella`s body is nearly six feet tall, svelte, slender and seeping with grace, litheness and poise from her dance experience, as the rest of her body does; making her the pure epitome of elegance and beauty. she walks with her chin high, the boys following her as if she plays a pied piper`s flute. and boy, does she love a good chase.

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- personality ; ; self-entered. judgmental. poised. professional. mocking. harsh. agile. attractive. pessimistic.

oh, please, get over yourself. if you want to be in this industry, you have to be tough. yes, physically, but also mentally. you're going to be beat down- you just have to be able to push yourself right back up. and bella can do that fine. she's a narcissistic little smart ass, with the occasional grudgingly nice comment to your good cabriole. she tends to like to me kept to herself, people's company hardly tend to ever please her. she tends to show off her skill, but who wouldn't, when you have that kind of talent? she's a backstabber, and will take your solo in a second if you let her. she's always professional, never letting her guard down. she's learned now, from previous experiences. just..watch your back. kittens can change to tigers in a moments notice.

- xoxo

{ part two - apologies, i don't trust polyvore right now, so i'll just have to direct you to click on the collection labelled '♕ ;; ℓeσtαrdѕ && ℓαnνin ;; ♕' sorry for the confusion, but polyvore is being shifty to me right now. }
ѕσme ρriηceѕѕeѕ` hαd tσ ωσrk tσ get tσ the tσρ, уσυ knσω...
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