I, Jade Hayhurst, solemnly swear over my newest pair of Louboutins and Mother's Graced spirit that I shall never ever betray the trust of another sister, publicly humiliate myself and my fellow sisters, and bring any sort of shame to the Alpha Epsilon Phi name. i promise to brighten every room I enter and to live, eat, and breath as a classy young woman.

Jade Hayhurst (22)
San Antonio, Texas
Bio: Jade, named after the official Alpha Epsilon Phi colors, defines southern belle. She's got the golden locks, the big ranch back home, the pageant tiaras, the cute little accent, and most of all the wits. Jade was born the daughter of Rice U's biggest alumni, Marco Hayhurst, owner of all of the Buckles branches (a giant BBQ fast food chain). Jade was raised by her sweet mother who taught her the ways of a lady, how to sit eat and drink like southern royalty and it didn't take long for the gem to pick it all up. Don't get me wrong though, Jade isn't all peaches and roses. The girl gets what she wants no matter what it takes. she very driven and very controlling. this being Jade's senior year at Rice she has grown to love her sisters like family. but she's never afraid to put someone in their place. i mean she's got to stay on top somehow. 
Secret: She was a witness of the murder of Hope.
Model: daphne groeneveld 


Lutz Geanseuk (23)
Other than being Jade's /potential/ love interest, he also has something to do with Hope's murder/suicide. But that's to be revealed later. He isn't a student here at Rice, but he likes to drop in once in a while (aka, when security is distracted). 
bartender (somewhere nearby the campus)
cole mohr

Athos Marciano(24)
Also known as part of Jade's gang. (the boys). He thinks of Jade as a sister, but sometimes he pictures romantic scenarios with her ; although she's never had eyes for him despite the fact that she's all over older men. He works at Starbucks, Jade's favorite place which is why he applied there this year. Since he's not a student either, he likes being a few minutes from her classes.
cashier (at Starbucks)
marcel castenmiller

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