♥ ᶤ ʷᵃᶰᶰᵃ ᵗᵃᵏᵉ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᵗᵒᵖ ᵒᶠᶠ ᶜᵉˡᵉᵇʳᵃᵗᵉ ᵗʰᶤˢ ᶜʰᵃᵐᵖᵃᶰᵍᵉ ᵖᵒᵖ ᵒᶠᶠ ♥

name ::
Rosalia Evelyn de Angelo
(pronounced: rose-ale-ee-ah ev-lin de ahng-el-o)
age : 16
grade : junior
- - - -
nationality :
Italian + American (Mother from USA, Father from Italy)
hometown :
Rosalia was born in Venice, Italy but moved around constantly before coming to her mothers hometown of Cape Grove.
✧ family :
Antonio Fernando de Angelo, father
Cheryl Evelyn Johnston, mother
Eleanora Vienna de Angelo, sister
Aria Valentina de Angelo, sister
- - - -
biography :
One hot summer day in the historical Venice, Italy a beautiful ex-model Cheryl de Angelo lay near death in a hospital, the complications of childbirth a nightmare, the umbilical cord wrapped tightly around the baby's neck and the mother herself suffering from severe blood loss. A emergency c-section was performed and both mother and baby saved, when the beautiful baby opened her sparkling blue eyes and smiled at the world the doctor happily pronounced her as a healthy baby girl. Named Rosalia after the parents love of roses, everything seemed perfect until months later when the mother was rushed back to hospital and diagnosed with chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, related to the complications of childbirth. The mother suffered severe bouts of pain and blamed Rosalia for it all, not spending time with her and handing her over to countless nannies. Rosalia never understood why her mother hated her until one day when she was about 7 her sisters explained it to her, not to mention the fact that her mother had tried three times for a boy and now could never have children again.
Rosalia herself grew up in as a girl who had everything, money, looks, personality, she was the total package, always the popular girl, everyone wanted to be friends with her, all the boys wanted her but none of that attention could make up for the lack of love she suffered at home. Her mother only talked to her when it was good for Cheryl, like when she pressured her into modeling so Cheryl could capitalize on Rosalia's stunning looks, maybe for some being so seemingly perfect on the outside would be enough to make up for the lack of a mothers love but for Rosalia it wasn't, she never wanted the materialistic things, she never cared about them and honestly would have been happier in a simple family not strife with the pressures of money and perfection. To Rosalia being perfect was a curse and she never wanted it.
Rosalia's father was never around, always off on some business trip or as Rosalia discovered cheating on her mother. Rosalia and her sisters told her mother when they found out what Antonio was up to, always off "working" with one bimbo or another but to their shock, their mother already new and begged and bribed them to keep their mouths shut for the "good" of the family. Public image was always the most valued in their family, no one ever did anything that could put them into the tabloids for something other than being best dressed in some gala or other. They were the "good" side of the ancient family, the other side filled with scandals of cheating, alcoholism, sex, unplanned pregnancy, pretty much anything you could think of.
Half of Rosalia's cousins were already parents because of numerous scandals, or broke because of gambling addictions but Rosalia and her sisters; Aria and Eleanora were taught, well more threatened to never get into bad press, on pain of death. Aria took this to heart and never did anything wrong, she became a well known actress and got the "perfect" socialite boyfriend who came from a equally high ranked Italian family. Eleanora was more sneaky, she became a beautiful model much to the love of her mother but Eleanora always loved the glamorous life of parties, but she did it quietly and if anything ever happened her mother, Cheryl was very skillful at "persuading" everyone to keep their mouths shut.
Rosalia tried being the perfect child who stood by her parents at business dinner and fluttered her eyelashes at her dads investors to make them feel great about themselves but that kind of life bored Rosalia. She wasn't like that, she was a dreamer, a writer, a painter, a poet, a artist and artists have to live so Rosalia took a page from Eleanora's book and began testing the boundaries, doing things she wasn't supposed to do like stealing a bottle of champagne, slipping out of her Chanel dress and going for a walk on the beach. She found her love in the little, things and began to paint and draw and sing and write, things that made her more happy than the materialistic world ever could. Rosalia was the only one in her family who would rather paint in the woods and listen to birds sing than go to charity galas and pretend to not get drunk.
Rosalia began to push boundaries more and more, pissing her parents off to no end. She learned to hide her partying and her parents learned to ignore the smell of weed on her clothes and alcohol on her breath, after all if anything bad ever happened they could just "persuade" everyone to forget about it right?
Eventually her parents mess of a marriage began to appear, as many of her fathers and one of her mothers affairs were brought to light by the media, they struggled as always to push everything down but after "the incident" (read in secrets) they finally split up, and after a long time of messy custody battles and re-reading of pre-nups everything was eventually settled and Rosalia brought back to her mothers home town of cape grove with her at the age of fifteen. Her sisters moved out, both of them living in Italy to pursue their careers, Aria soon moving to France to escape her messy family and Eleanora planning to follow in footsteps and move to London.
Moving to Cape Grove about a year and a half ago wasn't easy for Rosalia, she'd just finished going through a very hard time in her life and the change and stress of the move didn't help but nevertheless she pushed through and became accustomed to the ways of a new country, learning that it was a fresh slate for her, a clean start where no one would look at her with those sympathetic stares she hated so much

secrets :
If pain is beauty than she is the fairest of them all...
- - - -
appearance :
Where to start with Rosalia? Rosalia is in the very least, stunning, you'd have to be hard pressed to find even a minor flaw in her goddess-like appearance. Her face is rounder, almost heart shaped, giving her the look of youth and love. Her hair is long and luscious, a gorgeous fountain of mahogany locks that flows down past her shoulders framing her face perfectly, it is voluminous and shiny giving her the permanent look of a front page model. Her eyes are gorgeous, they light up her entire face, a permanently sparkling almond shaped deep blue that can say more than words ever have too.Her nose is a perfect ski-slope, not a bump in sight, it fits her face perfectly, not to big not too small, not to long, not to short, just right.Her lips are a perfect cupids bow, a light pink in colour, equally full and equally inviting; her smile though is best described as magical. Her teeth are straight, even and a pearly white, when she smiles, she reveals her dimples, so sweet and inviting, she can pull anyone in.Her skin is flawless, perfectly tanned and not a blemish in sight, she almost glows with the radiance of youth. Her body is that of an angels, standing at 5'9" with a slim build, she has a perfect hour glass figure, curves in all the right places and toned muscle everywhere else, her legs are almost impossibly long, toned and tanned; she can wear anything and pull it off with elegance and poise.
personality : Rosalia is a pretty down to earth girl, unlike most girls of her amount of wealth she doesn't really care for petty expensive things, she's not fake. Rosalia is probably one of the realest girls you will ever meet, she doesn't hide much and usually speaks her mind, if she doesn't like you, you're going to know. Rosalia is generally nice, and playful, she's very energetic and fun loving but she's not all sunshine and rainbows, she can be pretty sardonic and sarcastic, usually in a funny way as she loves to make people laugh. Rosalia lives life to the fullest and has untamed emotions just like the ocean she loves, unfortunately she can be rash, she tends to act first and do things later. Rosalia will never be the one to purposely pick a fight or start something, she doesn't bother with petty things like that but if you start something with Rosalia, she will not back down, she'll finish it. She can be wild and fierce as well as kind and loving.
Rosalia hides her past well, usually beneath a happy go lucky exterior as all she ever wanted was to be happy, but Rosalia isn't always the sweet happy girl, when she needs to be she can be quite blunt and bitchy, she doesn't like to be but if provoked she won't just sit there and take it, she will most definitely stand up for herself and when she does you might want to watch your back. Rosalia tends not to be petty but she doesn't forget people who have screwed her over, even if she has forgiven them she will never truly trust them again because of the major trust issues her life has installed in her.
When it comes to boys, how Rosalia acts tends to depend on the boy, after her bad experience she likes to feel in charge, she likes to flirt and tease guys but when it comes to actually trusting them she has a hard time, if a guy lashes out at her, shows any type of violence she'll never forgive it, hardly ever be able to even look at them again and of course because they don't know of her secret that she keeps so well hidden they'll assume she's being over dramatic and over sensitive but really she's just protecting herself from being harmed again.
likes: sunshine, colours, painting, drawing, music, beaches, walks on the beaches, dancing in the rain, kissing in the rain, Smirnoff vodka, flavored vodka, whiskey, Cesar salad, dogs, moonlight, skinny dipping, swimming, hot tubs, bubble baths, driving fast, convertibles, boats, boys, friends, nature, sun tanning, chanel, lanvin
dislikes: creeps, bitches, fakes, liars, hypocrites, horror movies, cats, forever 21, business trips, cloudy days, long car rides,
ideas for drama ; rosalia and brendon were in love but one night he cheated on her with rose, they broke up and things are awkward, and rose and rosalia? well they hate eachother. rosalia and antonio start dating but rabaab's charrie develops feelings for him.. dun dun dahhhh xD
who with ; abby, rabaab, steph, and dani. and i'm always looking for more :)
why should you be in the populars?; well i think rosalia's personality fits it pretty well and this is a worthy enrollment also i love this club to pieces as you know and i'm always active and willing to participate in drama
as for the queen bee thing, rosalia wouldn't be a queen b(i)tch because she's more the killing with kindness type XD but she definitely could be a queen bee as she's pretty strong willed and independent
your poly plotting set / collection ; http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=91452911
your poly username ; fashion-outfit
roleplay sample:
Rosalia Evelyn Versace
clique here
outfit here

My white Lamborghini pulls up in front of the impressive white washed estate, vines crawling up and down the sides of the giant building, top down and the light breeze flowing through my luscious brunette locks. I flip open my compact Chanel mirror and run a perfectly french manicured hand through my brunette hair, i quickly inspect my flawless tanned skin, pearly white teeth, sensual lips and sparkling blue eyes; perfection not a hair out of place. I smile revealing my perfect dimples and sexy smile, i reach out a hand and flick open the door, swinging my long, toned legs out and placing my Jimmy Choo's on the pavement, i stand up in one swift, elegant movement. Reaching out behind me i push the door shut and click a button on my keys locking it, i drop my keys into my Versace bag and smooth out my already wrinkle-less Oscar de le Renta shirt and sashay across the parking lot, my designer heels click on the steps up to the front door where I reach out a perfectly manicured hand and open the door elegantly sashaying into the house, i push back my Gucci sunglasses and and look around, biting softly on a plump lower lip, a bad habit i had when i was nervous and right now i was most definitely nervous. Things with my family had been...tense since the incident and it seemed as i got better the whole situation got worse, honestly i just wanted out of this mess and after coming back from visiting Aria in Paris this whole task seemed even more daunting.

"Hello?" I call out in my crystal clear voice as my eyes glide around the cold marble that is the entranceway to the glamorous Italian villa, "Anybody home?" I inquire, my heels clicking on the cold floor as I walk towards the informal living room, pushing open the door with a manicured hand. My oh so kissable lips form a perfect O as my eyes land on the scene infront of me, my mother with her tongue down the throat of some random guy. "Rosalia" she says shocked jumping up, "I forgot you were coming home"

A dry laugh escapes my soft pink lips and I roll my big blue eyes, "Of course you did" I spit turning on my heel "You also forgot to lock the door, what if someone else had walked in a discovered your not so perfect family?" I ask my upper lip curling slightly as I toss a lock of brunette hair over my elegant shoulders and walk right back out of the house, the warm Italian sun beating down on me, i'd been stupid to think things would ever be different at home, there's no way I was ever going to stay in this place for long.
-clique preference: elites :)

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