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♦ full name ;; Her full name is Essence Arlington Kingsley. Although her full name indicates her name is /clearly/ not Essie, she prefers her friends and family to call her that. Although, if you are not a part of her immediate family, or one of her /best/ friends, you /will/ call her Essence. No questions asked.
♦ pronunciation ;; es-uh ns kingz-lee
♦ age;; Essence is /sweet/ sixteen and one quarter.
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♦ origins ;; She is twenty-five percent Australian, Fifty Percent French, Fifteen Percent English, and Ten percent Spanish.
♦ place of birth ;; Paris, France
♦ date of birth ;; O1-O1-96
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♦ physical appreance ;;With silky caramel hair that falls down her back and moss green eyes that change with mood, Essence is one of the most beautiful girls you will ever find. Standing at 6'2 and weighing an exact 122 pounds, Essence is long 'n' lean. Her oh-so-kissable pink lips are always coated in Burt's Bees lip balm to prevent her lips from chapping. Her extremely long, jet black eyelashes swoop over her ever-changing eyes. Her high cheekbones are perfectly sculpted, and usually do not sport any blush. her ski-sloped nose has exactly 13 freckles along it's brim. Her sun-kissed skin is all natural, no fake sunlight touch her skin. Overall, she is a natural beauty and doesn't need make-up to prove it. [[ Miss Kerr ]]
♦ characteristics ;; Often referred to that /perfect/ one, essence is one of those elegant, classy, lady-like teenagers who are so prim and proper, they practically drive with their legs crossed. She is nice, and very funny, but can retort something witty back to you within a moment. She is very intelligent, and has attended all the best schools around. maintaining a 4.0 GPA, Essence also has a large vocabulary. Essence is rarely mean, and she is never a party girl. As said above, she isn't really mean, but if you get n her bad side, she can go off on you.

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♦ likes / hobbies ;; Dancing, SInging, Acting, Modeling, Photography, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Drawing.
♦ long & detailed biography ;; On a cold winter's day in Paris, France, Essence opened her moss green eyes to her parents Jonathan and Marie Kingsley. To her parent's amazement, withing the first five minutes of her life, Essence's beautiful green eyes had turned the shade of the Gulf of Mexico, and then to a Mocha color. Immediately, her parents talked to a doctor about it, and the doctor agreed with her parents. Essence was indeed very special. And everyone knew that too, but not only in that way. Essence was one of those girls who could get anything she wanted, when she wanted, without raising he tip of her little finger. She was indeed a spoiled baby. Growing up, she attended Brinkley Prep for the gifted and talented in New York. Growing up there, she lost any accent she might've had. She grew up four grade levels above other students her age and at the age of nine, she took an IQ test. She scored an impressive 180. People fawned over her, and she absolutely hated it. Why her? She would smile and pretend to appreciate it, like the graceful young woman she was. When she turned thirteen, her only wish was to go home and live normal from now on, and her parents granted her wish. She went to a normal school, hung out with /normal/ people, and lived the normal, luxury life of a billionaires of France.

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