gυccι, gσℓ∂, αη∂ α ∂αѕн σƒ gℓιттєя.

{ - - pαiℓℓettes et de gℓαce. / sequins & ice. - - }

• мια єναηgєℓιηє яєηαυℓт
• ƒяєηcн, ιтαℓιαη, αη∂ тυякιѕн
• мαтcнℓєѕѕ ѕιχтєєη
• тнє cσℓ∂ ηιgнт σƒ ∂єcємвєя 28тн, ιη вєαυтιƒυℓ мιℓαη, ιтαℓу

{ - - pαiℓℓettes et de gℓαce. / sequins & ice. - - }

• styℓe de ℓα mode:
Designer wear. Preppy chic, classy, she likes tulle
• αppαrence générαℓe: {в α r в α r α ρ α ℓ ν ι η}
standing alone, you watch the sidewalk and count people as they pass. watching them, observing, when you suddenly look to your left and see a girl. but not just any girl. a ƒαѕнισηιѕтα. and Mia is pretty. beautiful, to be precise. her hair flows down her smooth, supple, and tanned back like a chocolate pool, in curls that are natural yet are so perfect they seem fake. she flips it as she walks by and turns it once more, it shining in the light as it stops in the perfect place, just below her shoulder blades. she looks at you, and you almost faint as your carb-filled hot dog drops from your hand. ѕнє ℓσσкє∂ αт уσυ. her icy blue eyes sparkle as they contrast flawlessly with her hair. they sparkle like stardust, shining over the desert as you get lost in them. her pink, plump, always-glossy lips pull into a smile, a smile so tender and sweet you fall deeply into her trance. your mouth falls open as her straight, white teeth glow in the light, and you stand there in awe. well, you do, until she raises her flawlessly-waxed eyebrow, arched and done perfectly, and turns on her designer heel. she leaves the scent of Chanel Gardénia behind her, you caress the scent as the only remains of this... this... goddess. the only thing you hear left is the sound of her dress swirling around, her heels stopping, a lip gloss tube by Juicy being opened, and then her soft steps continuing. but you still have only one thought left to hold on to: ѕнє ℓσσкє∂ αт уσυ.
• personnαℓité descriptive:
must i? her beauty on the outside is a perfect match to her beauty on the inside, calm, sweet, and intelligent. she is high class, and her polite behavior shows it- around adults. i’m not saying she loses her cool around friends, just merely stating she does not exactly hold on to αℓℓ of her sophistication. Mia sometimes doesn’t talk to people unless they are in her tight social circle, but they all still want to talk to her. she often shoos people away or has a moment of small talk before moving on, but they all know she is in one of her moods and will continue back to normal, still giving time to discuss the new Yves St. Laurent fall collection.
• intérêts / αime / tαℓents:
| dance | modeling | travel | paris | designers | tennis |
{ - - pαiℓℓettes et de gℓαce. / sequins & ice. - - }

• biogrαphie:
on a cold winter night in late December, a baby was graced into the world just as a light snow of beautiful snowflakes began. she was sleeping when she was born, and all was peaceful, except for her parents tears of joy as her soft baby blue eyes fluttered open and took in the sight of two wealthy socialites that most people only see in magazines. the baby was clutched in her mothers arms, and she was the first to know her name: Mia Evangeline Renault. Evangeline, her new mother, whispered it to the baby and then repeated it for the doctors, her husband, and the group of tabloids outside pressing against the door. the baby exited the hospital in style, a white stretch limo as they drove up to the mansion. the extravagant doors opened to her home, and at just about that time, the doors to her future opened, too. Mia grew up spoilt, her life so perfect people called it fake, scripted, unrealistic. but that wasn’t true- we all know that mia just had that sparkle, the special sparkle destined for greatness. or a new pair of louboutins. her childish years were full of happiness, her parents attending to her, parties galore, all the toys you could imagine, all the while helping others and picking the toys for the children in Africa her mother sent them to. the preteen years were just as great, but now it involved boys, cell phones, and victorias secret. that was just how she was discovered. buying a gift at VS for her 18 year old sister, a woman wearing angel wings and some lingerie walked up to her. next thing she knew she was going into an employees only room with her mother and signing a future contract for a 10- year modeling job. other companies started pursuing her, and soon she was doing magazine shoots, commercials, and runway shows. her Angel contract began, and she was traveling, dancing, and modeling. her schedule was packed, but her mother was done with the madness for now. she and Mia agreed that she would leave for high school soon, but occasionally come back for shows and shoots, to come back when school was finished to have a booming comeback and an aspiring career.
{ - - pαiℓℓettes et de gℓαce. / sequins & ice. - - }
• famiℓℓe:
Evangeline Renault | ex model, Socialite | 46 | Portrayed by Nicole Kidman
Daniel Renault | business owner/investment tycoon, Socialite | 50 | Portrayed by Tom Cruise
Giavanna Renault | VS Model, future Socialite | 18 | Portrayed by Diana Agron
• αime:
| romance movies | champagne | sequins | bows | white beaches | cats | modeling | YSL | Starbucks | Jack Wills | yoga | travel | abercrombie | roses | mint tea | tennis | nice people | dancing | shows | cool lemonade | pink | sushi | paris | small dogs | Prada
• n'αyαnt pαs αimé: | big dogs | copiers | “70’s Retro” | alleyways | rude people | too-short shorts | bad hair days | irresponsible people | Disney sitcoms | overreactions | slushy snow | mud and dirt | Crocs |
• échαntiℓℓon de biens:
show white 2015 lamborghini | Early Release iPhone 5S with custom made Tiffany diamonds and Bow case | an overflowing phone book filled with friends, enemies, and fans | too many shoes to count | a walk in closet full of clothes | a bathroom with an amazing collection of makeup | Canon camera | signed copies of all of her favorite movies and books |
• pséudo: aw, you’re funny.
{ - - pαiℓℓettes et de gℓαce. / sequins & ice. - - }
• défαuts:
| used to bite her nails | stole a trinket from Valentino once | used to judge by looks |
• secrète:
and why would i tell you, darling?
• d'αutres choses:
i think you know enough for now.
{ - - pαiℓℓettes et de gℓαce. / sequins & ice. - - }
• échαntiℓℓon de roℓeplαy:
{ - - мια яєηαυℓт. - - }
{ - - pαiℓℓettes et de gℓαce. / sequins & ice. - - }
i open my towel and quietly place it down on the sand, so that the waves tickle my feet but do not get the towel wet. i close my eyes, a large Dolce & Gabbana sun hat blocking the suns harmful UV rays from my face but gently tanning the rest of my skin. the light washes over me, and just as I am about to finally fall into a land of peace and quiet... “bing bing bing!” My Tiffany Blue diamonds and bow iPhone 5S rings quietly, but loud enough to shoot me back into reality; and just in time, some boys were coming my way, and although they were cute, i did not have the heart to deal with them at this hour. i groaned and reached into my Halston satchel and pulled out a small piece of paper and a pen. I wrote down my name, age and phone number, placed the paper on the sand and weighed it down by a rock, and picked up my things and left.

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