✰ мσяє ριcтυяєѕqυє тнαи ραяιѕ.

♢ иσéмιє cαяαвєℓℓα мσитgσмєяу.
[ nye - oh - me ]
age :: 14½
hometown :: toulouse, france.
appearance :: the b e a u t i f u l skye stracke.
personality :: noémie is someone you're naturally drawn to, you'll drive yourself mad trying to find the reason you admire her /so/ much. she's someone who everyone can like, she's been gifted with a sense of humor, flirtatiousness and charm, a level head, and a strong-will. however, if someone tries to get in her way she'll take care of that, without stooping to their lowly level.
biography :: on a clear, crisp october morning, sephora, and giorgio introduced their first daughter to the world. from the moment she was born it was destined she'd be something, why would you let such beauty go to waste? as a child they enrolled her in a wide variety of activities, and she took quite a liking to ballet. she has an excellent ballerina's body, and aspires to be on broadway.
clique :: royals, invited.

Two comments

Wrote three years ago
i'm aware, but i wanted to make it the english version :P
thanks though, for letting me know because i may not have.

Wrote three years ago
noémie is actually pronounced ' noh | eh or ay | mee ', since it's french.


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