И м п е р а т р и ц а . мира | Tsaritsa Apollinariya

You know how I said 'no more story-characters from new arcs until I do something with the ones I've invented'? I LIED.
Last story arc - a cheesy alt-history fantasy thing with tsars and dragons. As cheesy as I like, because! CHEESE!
Anyway, here is Tsaritsa Apollinariya (Царица Аполлинария), or Tsarina Apollinariya, if you'd prefer. If you're her nearest and dearest, you can call her 'Aliya' or 'Alina'. The traditional diminutives of 'Polya' or 'Polina' are a no-go. Her birth name was Shamsiyya Eldinaz(ova) (Şəmsiyyə Eldÿniz / Шамсия (or Шамсийя) Елданизова (or Елданиз). She was born into a serf family and sold into slavery proper at the tender age of five, after her father died of consumption. Through many horrible experiences, she eventually became the child-bride, age 16, to Tsar Serafim Petrovich (Царь Серафим Петрович), then 33 and nearly twenty years her senior, and was given the new Russian name of Apollinariya. The marriage was never consummated - Serafim... well, batted for the other team. He had no interest in women and especially, no interest in girls - children. He took Aliya as a wife to stifle public speculation but theirs was a marriage in name only. He never touched her, and was, for all his many flaws, more of a father than a husband, worrying for her wellbeing and showering her in ostentatious gifts. When, at 18, she took a lover, he gave his covert blessing. Not despite of the fact, but because they were never lovers, husband and wife, and because he was the first person to treat her as human (being a poor tsar who never wanted the power, he could almost identify), she loved him dearly. He was pretty much her best friend and spoiled her rotten. When he was assassinated a year or so ago, she was devastated. She cried pretty much non-stop for a month. But, being a somewhat petty, somewhat frivolous, a daydreamer and silly gal and possible proto-feminist, she never bought into the idea that she should abandon her beautiful clothes for the simple black cloaks of a widow. Not her. It hasn't helped the rumours that she murdered her husband, that she looks to avoid mourning him. She's a decadent aesthete trying to put her history of slavery behind her, and she can't see it might topple her from power. She's very much an overgrown, over-curious, tactless, jealous child who surrounds herself in jewels, pastries, macaroons, cakes and black cats. Due to her traumatic childhood, she was never taught magic and has a mental block on it - the fact that she's totally impotent in the field being a secret she guards with the utmost jealously and secrecy. Perhaps because of her jealousy and grief, and, yes, shallowness, she's totally unaware to the nefarious goings on within her court.
Being as she's a tsaritsa, she's easily got the biggest wardrobe of any of my characters. Sorry for the clothes overload!
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