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Melanie 'Mel' Baxter
Manchester, UK
Majoring in Dance
Emma Rigby, Darhling
Melanie is a kind and caring person, although she can become a little self centered in some situations. She is quite competitive, and will do anything to come out on top. I guess when you're one of the best dancers in the country, you have to be.
Mels has wanted nothing more than to become a principle dancer since the age of two, after watching her mother perform. Having a famous parent (Marianne Baxter, youngest principle ballerina and the best in the company) has been a slight advantage, but more a hindrance as she is continuously caught in her shadow. Melanie has come here to break away, and hopes that no one catches on.
In the meantime, Melanie is situated in the middle of an ugly affair. She's explained to the guy she booked the sw(an)ky lurve hotel suite with many nights ago that it was just a fling, but he has refused to stay out of her life by bombarding her with texts and calls. Her fiancee (yeah, soon to be married!!!) hasn't got a clue, but it won't be long before he will, and her whole world will come crashing down.........
Mels is going through a very stressful time, and may be a bit rash. Please don't take anything personally!
Thanks lovely xx

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