- - mountain sound, of monsters and men.

☞ ғυll ɴαмe : eileen 'maurie' maurice patel.

☞ proɴυɴcιαтιoɴ : {{iy-lean}} {{mor-eice}} {{pah-tell}}

☞ αɢe : seventeen.

☞ вιrтнdαтe : may eight 9 : 1O pm.

☞ вιrтнplαce : wolverhampton, england.

☞ αppeαrαɴce: www.polyvore.com/ғαr_αwαy_ғroм_αll_тнe/collection?id=2255243

☞ perѕoɴαlιтy : she's usually the humour relief of the group, in most cases. she's wild, and hilarious, often sarcastic, but very witty. however- she does have a dark side- cross it, and you might not live to see the next day. she is bipolar, so has her moments of sadness, but can often be the happiest and liveliest of the bunch.

☞ вιoɢrαpнy : she grew up in london most of her life, her family a rich, wealthy family, top-class socialites of the uk. until the riots. they came to her neck of the woods, carrying there guns, shooting and burning everything they came across. one of the things they came across was her, her mum, and pa. they killed them almost instantly. shot them right through the head, one bullet for them both. she was next. and she was off, like that, running like crazy, the rioter's shooting at her once, before letting her be. she left the wide city streets, dashing through alleys, scared out of her mind. she reached there home, and she got in her car, pressed on the gas, and left. just left. she had a gun in the compartment, a spare change of clothes, a tad of food, and that was it. she drove until she reached bristol, where they has a small summer home. that's where she stayed. the police finally came for her, almost a year later, after hikers spotted a little girl in the cabin by herself. she was sent to the school, where she currently is.

☞ ѕecreт : living alone in the cabin, a homeless man came, looking for shelter. she shot him on the spot, six times, right through the skull. she has good aim like that. she cried for days on end after that, and buried the old man. she's not the same- who would be, after killing a stranger?

☞ нoввιeѕ : driving & guitar.

☞ lιĸeѕ : indie music // the woods // england // traveling // hitchhiking // guitar // shooting // cars // animals.

☞ dιѕlιĸeѕ : bad people // memories // disturbance of personal space.

☞ preғerred clιqυe : the archaeologists.

☞ preғerred нoυѕe : house of einstein.

☞ oтнer : nope.

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