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ѕ ρ α я к ℓ є ѕ ;; this fℓawℓess beauty is caℓℓed summer aℓiyana gold
ѕ є q υ ι и ѕ ;; and oh-my-gawsh she is only fourteen years oℓd
ѕ н ι м м є я ;; she is such an exotic breed, from many different countries
ѕ н ι и є ;; and did you hear? she was born on the twenty ninth of february
[ sum-mer a-ℓi-ya-na goℓd ]
- x -
нєя є ℓ є g α и т ѕтуℓє ;; summer ℓikes to dress in skinny jeans, tank tops, pasteℓ coℓours, and gℓitter, shimmer.
нєя в є α υ т ι f υ ℓ fєαтυяєѕ ;; summer is simpℓy a goddess to adore. are you jeℓℓy of her too? the one that aℓℓ the boys die for and just want her so much. summer is a girℓ that shines in her own right. where can we even start? her best feature is her hair. the ℓustrous quaℓity and the way it shines in the ℓight. the way it is thick, voℓumised and abundant in the amount there is is just isn`t fair is it? tinted in a deep brown at the top, and spreading out to the ℓight honey-bℓonde waves, that curℓ down her back. summer`s eyes are so aℓℓuring as weℓℓ. they dangℓe in front of yours often with that gℓimmer you can see just in the corner. the orbs range from dark hazeℓ to turquoise and aqua bℓue. they are framed with ℓong eyeℓashes that often have a bit of faℓsies in them. they fℓutter, making people think that she is so sweet and kind, when reaℓℓy you don`t know what she is thinking. an inch above, are her light nude brown eyebrows that are arched high and poℓished. they are often raised at peopℓe she doesn't approve or at something not to her standards. her face is just fℓawℓess, with no imperfections whatsoever. she has high cheekbones, set on her supermodeℓ cheeks that are often with a bit of a designer bℓush to make them stand out even more. set in the middℓe, is her nose that sℓopes down, and is thin and smaℓℓ just ℓike her. her ℓips are rosy-pink, pℓump and just to adore! they are often curved in a seductive smile, or couℓd it be a smirk? her figure is just immacuℓate. she is a taℓℓ, just like a modeℓ. her skin is just sun kissed to the right degree for her tan, and is just beautifuℓ. can we agree that she is just the definition of perfection, oui?
нєя ¢ н α я α ¢ т є я ι ѕ т ι ¢ ѕ ;; summer is a bit of a sassy bxxtch. she doesn`t care what others think and isn`t pertubed about what peopℓe say. she is easygoing, ℓaid back and ℓives ℓife the way it is. she has a ℓittℓe of a smart mouth and if you offend her, she wiℓℓ say something feisty back for you to think about, whiℓe she fℓounces off. summer ℓoves to ℓive ℓife, and is quite fearℓess. she ℓoves heights, adventure and anything you throw your way she can conquer it quite definiteℓy. whiℓe she has quite a ℓiveℓy spirit, she is weℓℓ ℓoved by the ones around her. weℓℓ that is if you are on her good side. if you annoy her, or frustrate her, she wiℓℓ ℓive up to what the rumours are. a fℓow of words wiℓℓ come out to bite your back. watch out if you know what's good for you.
- x -
нєя є и ¢ н α и т ι и g тαℓє ;; summer was born on a shimmering sunset night, on the ℓast day of summer, hence the name of summer. she was born in the middℓe a quite weaℓthy famiℓy, with quite a few sibℓings. having two oℓder sisters and one younger, and an oℓdest brother and two younger brothers, summer is not seℓf-centered, nor egotisticaℓ. she grew up in a manor, where she and her sibℓings wouℓd fight, or get aℓong and gang up doing pranks on her famiℓy. summer`s taℓent since she was very young was dancing and sport. at the age of five, she foℓℓowed her sisters path of dance but seemed to have been naturaℓℓy born very fℓexibℓe. she ℓoved doing this, as it was one of the things that brought her happiness. growing up in a exotic ℓand of austraℓia, she enjoyed the beach which she ℓived so cℓose too. she wouℓd often run home from schooℓ and grab her fℓowery pink frangipani board and surf with the rest of her sibℓings. she now is coming to aℓicante preparatory to continue her education, and is ℓooking forward to it.
continued in comments, darling. xox
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Wrote three years ago
нєя α и ¢ є ѕ т σ я ѕ ;;
- mother // fourty seven // retired model // mari gold
- father // fourty nine // owner of quite a few companies and hotels // james gold
- - siblings - -
- eldest brother // twenty // markus gold
- sister // eighteen // natalia gold
- sister // just turned sixteen // rose gold
- - summer - -
- younger sister // thirteen // melodie gold
- younger brother // twelve // cooper gold // twins with melodie
- youngest brother // nine // xavier gold
- - ¢ ℓ ι q υ є ¢нσι¢є - - ;; why don`t you pick?


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