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♢ ;; this dark brown haired beauty is called serenity amalina cavalli
♢ ;; she is at the age of s w e e t sixteen
♢ ;; this girl was born in pretty paris. honey, she is the princess of it.
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features ;; the flawless beauty, absolute perfection. this is what serenity is. from her brown soft locks of hair, that tumble down to her back, to her iridescent blue eyes that are mesmirising to her sun-kissed skin, and all her other to die for features it is hard to know where to start! serenity has ah-may-zing hair. it stars off with a light brown at the top of her hair, and it tumbles down, as soft locks of curly hair and to halfway down her straight and petite back. it ends at the tips as a darker brown, and when her hair is shown in the sun it is simply magnificent. her eyes. you could just stand and watch them all day. the ocean turquoise dreamy blue that fades into a dark hazel green that just hypnotises people and is simply mesmerising. they are framed with oynx lashes that are long, curly and often flutter up and down at people just to catch their attention. a little bit higher, is her caramel brown hazelnut eyebrows, that are often raised and polished, and you could sometimes read her mind from this gorgeous beauty. serenity`s face is absolute perfection, flawless, and with no blemishes or imperfections whatsoever. it is tanned oh-so just right that is sun kissed to the right degree to make her look like an absolute goddess. it is always with a tinge of blush, to make her cheeks a little more rosy-red. her nose is sloped, and is petite and small. her lips are plump, rosy-pink, glossy and either with a small smile, or a smirk playing on serenity`s lips if she is merely laughing at you. we can see she is simply perfect, and irresistable, no?
{{ ѕραякℓє, ѕнιммєя, ѕнιиє }}
personality ;; serenity is a complete and utter perfectionist. she always wants everything to be perfect, and she, of course is perfect. she is a little shy around people, as she has got hurt a lot by numerous people. serenity spends more time on what she is good at. she seems simply innocent, but yet is very shy, and self-conscious. but if you provoke serenity she will eventually come out with her temper, that is simply terrible. but that hardly ever comes out and it is like seeing a blue moon. with a bat of serenity`s silver clad eyelid, she is sought out by boys for her prettiness, and by girls for her grace and high class.
biography ;; on a starry clad night, at the time of around 11pm, a beautiful, baby christened with the name `serenity` was born. a silver clad eyelid opened, and she was loved and cherished in the cavalli mansion. she grew up there, and would learn new things. she was curious about what was around her and she loved investigating stuff. she loved ballet and singing. ever since the age of three, her petite feet would be in the pink slippers, working everyday doing hard work, and entered competitions, and would often win them. a voice like gold would arise out of her mouth, and it would be simply sweet and was praised. serenity enjoyed these things, but also to horse ride. she had her own big stables of them, and would often ride them in her spare time. serenity has got hurt too many times though. her father would abuse her so much and where no one else can see, she has scars that she hides away. . .
{{ ѕραякℓє, ѕнιммєя, ѕнιиє }}
likes ;; horses. ballet. piano. singing. surfing. modelling. drawing. you will see soon, honey.
dislikes ;; sluts. mean girls. more you will see, darling.
strengths ;; serenity is really good at piano playing, and her strong and long fingers, grace the piano everytime she touches it. she is also ah-may-zing at horse riding and has done it since she was very young, and she trains horses from their young age to be good competitors, and eventers. lastly her main strength is ballet, and her dream as she grows older. she is very flexible, and she loves to do it.
© dani, copy? consider my pet unicorn getting you.
huge credit to jess, for three of the ballet photo's. xo

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