|| tнє ∂ανєиρσяt fαмιℓу ||

Greek and French descendants, the Davenport's come from a long line of high class nobles. They worked hard to achieve their status, and continue to flourish throughout the land.
Their ancestors were royals at some point, and the Davenport's are constantly inheriting riches. You might wonder why they aren't royalty themselves. It is strictly because they travel too often. Due to this, they are very cultured and dynamic, and own many estates across the land.
Upon taking a closer look to the family, you will notice their flaws. Unfortuantley, Mr. and Mrs. Davenport are at a loss for love. There is no longer any passion, and stay together for the kids sake.
You might also find out that Sawyer, the youngest of the family, is the daughter of thier oldest son. The parents refuse to let public know about this for fear of embarrassment.
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