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// the νєяѕα¢єs darling
- five gℓoriousℓly gℓamorous members
// pets & cars & house in collection.
- short family biography; angelina herrera and antonio versace, the two of the belonging to extremely wealthy and privileged families, got married on the fourteenth of february. neither of them were happy with their arranged marriage. but to keep their parents` hearts, they kept quiet and continued living on together. both of them loathed each other for the first few years of their wedding, only faking the oh - so - madly in love act in front of others. but when the curtain drew in, the fights and the screaming was all visible. as time went on, they got used to each other, and began developing feelings that first started from a mutual friendly bonding. but then later, they became each other`s strength. they could not live without each other. but it still wasn`t called love. by them at least. after a few months, angelina was longing to be a blessed with a beautiful child, and so antonio fulfilled her wish with victoria arriving nine months later. her arrival, strengthened their relationship even more, turning it into love. they were all quite happy. later on, the couple was blessed with two other stunning daughters, carina & adonia. the versaces have lived a very high - fi, glamorous, socialite, privileged life. they own houses all around the globe, but want to finally settle down in manhattan.

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