уσυя ιтαℓιαη вσмвѕнєℓℓ

Full Name: Alessandra Rosalia Cavalcante
- - - - -
Pronunciation: Alless-Andraw Rossa-Leea Cawvawl-Sawntay
- - - - -
Age: Sweet Sixteen
DOB: 12th of July.
Place of Birth: Palermo , Italy.
Nationality: Italian .
Appearance: Lindsay Ellingson .
Personality: Beeotch ! That's how to describe her.Her personality is unpredictable , one second she could be your 'friend' and the next she will be spreading rumors about your and sleeping with your boyfriend.
Biography: Alessandra grew up in a beautiful town called Palermo . She was raised in a very wealthy but big family. She had four brothers , two sisters , her mother and her father.It was hard for her being the youngest. She would have to do a lot of things for her siblings simply because she was younger than them. She hated this but played along with their little game because she didn't want to get on her parent bad side for throwing a fuss. But in the end this all payed off . All of her sibling were sent to ordinary schools , around Palermo , while Alessandra was sent her to get a further education. Alessandra is amazingly smart and beautiful , boys used to take advantage of this. They used to go out with her not too late in the night , and they would have a great time , then they would get her to do anything from homework to stiff which should be rated 16+ . But she didn't care this made her feel special after being treated like dirt from her brothers and sisters she decided to change when she got here and started acting more confident .
Likes and Dislikes: ... вσуѕ .. ғяιєи∂ѕ .. ραятуιиg .. ғαѕнισи .. ∂σιиg нєя иαιℓѕ .. ∂σιиg нєя нαιя .. αят .. мυѕι¢ .. ѕιиgιиg .. gυιтαя .. ριαиσ .. вαℓℓєт .. нιρ нσρ ...Cheer ...
Talents and Hobbies:Ballet ~ It’s her passion and her life. She used to use ballet to get away from the real of her parents and her annoying brothers.
Singing ~ She loves to sing but not as much as she loves to dance.
Playing the piano ~ She is incredibly talented when it comes to the piano. She started learning at just 5 year of age.
Cheer ~ She loves to cheer also! Much like dancing it is her way of life , she wouldn’t be able to survive without it.
Gymnastics ~ This ties in with her ballet and cheer , she started taking gymnastics when she was 11 to help her become more flexible.
Sample Roleplay ;
{ . . . αℓєѕѕαη∂яα яσѕαℓια cαναℓcαηтє
{ . . . cℓιqυє нєяє
{ . . . ι нανє ℓσνє∂ уσυ ƒσя α тнσυѕαη∂ уєαяѕ ι'ℓℓ ℓσνє уσυ ƒσя α тнσυѕαη∂ мσяє

{ Polyvore Outfit }

ι rυɴ α delιcαтe нαɴd тнroυɢн мy нeαd oғ ѕoғт ɢιɴɢer cυrlѕ αѕ ι ѕαυɴтer тнroυɢн тнe doorѕ oғ ѕтαrвυcĸѕ. α ѕмιrĸ plαyѕ oɴ мy lιpѕ wнeɴ ι ɢeт тнe oн-ѕo-ғαмιlιαr αroмα oғ coғғee αɴd vαɴιllα .ι wαlĸ тo тнe coυɴтer αɴd wαιт ιɴ lιɴe , wнeɴ ι reαcн тнe тop ι ѕмιrĸ.''dry cαppυccιɴo .'' ι тrιll αɴd нαɴd over мy cαrd. ι тαp мy loɴɢ ɴαιlѕ αɢαιɴѕт тнe coυɴтer тop αѕ ι wαιт ғor нer тo мαĸe ιт. ι тαĸe тнe cαrd αɴd cαppυccιɴo oғғ нer. ι wαlĸ αwαy ғroм тнe coυɴтer αɴd нeαd ғor αɴ eмpтy тαвle αт тнe wιɴdow. ι ѕιp мy cαppυccιɴo αѕ ι ѕтαre oυт тнe wιɴdow.
Clique Choice One (Invite): Goddesses
Clique Choice Two (Non- Invite): Countesses

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