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+ You've heard of the Caryles, the dazzling, gorgeous faces that fill up Page Six. The names of: Annelie, Carrie, and Ava and permanently etched into your mind–they're the Carlyle sisters, and the ones everyone likes to talk about. Once upon a time, after a four year fairytale courtship, Miss Penelope Arabella Diamante-Carlyle and Mr. Willian Aidan Carlyle were married in a dazzling white wedding. Annelie was born a few years later, as the eldest Carlyle. Carrie was born two years after Annelie. Finally, Ava, as the youngest precious Carlyle, was born three years after Annelie.
+ You've heard of Aubrey Cornelia Felix, the world-known trashy model and socialite, the older version of Lindsay Lohan. Well once upon a time, Aubrey was Audrey Mirana Diamante, Penelope's younger sister. When Audrey turned 16, she and Mrs. Diamante had a quarrel in which Audrey packed up her belongings and left in the middle of the night. Instead of a reporting a missing person, Mr. and Mrs. Diamante simply pretended that Audrey didn't exist, and soon their world forget the youngest Diamante. After that fateful night, Audrey changed her name, her hair (from a strawberry blonde to fiery red) and moved to LA. She got her first modeling gig a year later and before long, she was an international supermodel–and a complete disgrace to the Diamate family. Aubrey was always a wild child, but after her years of fame, she was barely tolerable. For the Diamante's sake, let's hope word never gets out about Aubrey's history.

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