уσυ cαη teℓℓ she’ѕ α ρrιηceѕѕ Arabella Iris Stam

Name; Arabella Iris Stam
POB; Oxford, England
DOB: February
Nationality; French
Appearance; Looking upon Arabella, she can make most any girl jealous of her flawless features. Arabella has dirty blonde, long hair down midway towards her back in small, beachy waves.Her stunning blue eyes can captivate anyone. Her slim figure is pale, but glows internally.
Persona; Arabella is calm, cool and slightly reserved. She has trouble opening up, and likes to act like she's fine all the time. Arabella is elegant, and sophisticated, she's not trashy or anything like other girls. She's impeccably sweet, and a shoulder to cry on, unless you're on her bad side. As much as she loves to act all responsible, she can party like nobody's business. Just FYI, she's a funny drunk.
Bio; On the luke warm day of January 27th, in Hawaii, the cries of a tiny infant could be heard throughout the private hospital. Shining blue eyes moist with unshed tears. At that moment, her parents knew she would be someone special. At the age of 5, Arabella started many sports, and sucked at every single one she tried. Badminton, fail. Softball, fail. Soccer, fail. Tennis, fail. Horseback riding, fail. But when Arabella was 7, she stumbled about the sports that would change her life. Lacrosse and Cheer leading. Arabella finally felt like she belonged. After that, Arabella's social life boomed in Middle school, being the only sixth grader to ever make Varsity Lacrosse team and the Varsity cheer team. Sure, before that Arabella was popular, but this certainly boomed her populaurtiy. In seventh grade, she was captain of offense of the Lacrosse team, and captain of the cheer leading team. Arabella went on to cheer on an all star team since she was 12. As Arabella entered high school, she went to the "hot" parties, and it was lie after lie to her dad. In the midst of all this, she met Aaron Martin, her boyfriend, well ex. They hung out alot, and he charmed his way into her heart and they dated for a while. But, he cheated on her. Arabella had walked into his room, to find him making out with the school slu t. It was over. When she was 15, she went out to a party, and got drunk. Her parents came to pick her up when they had gotten into the accident. Arabella was with them and only had minor injuries. The doctors had said it was a miracle she was alive. Arabella injured her knee in the accident, and still wears a knee brace and takes pain meds. Arabella's aunt sent her here for a change of "scene".
Family; Jenna Winters (Aunt)
Josh Stam (Brother)
class; high
Flaws? This girl has no flaws. Haha, she wishes. Grace is a perfectionist, and has trouble letting people in.
Likes; designer, lacrosse, cheer leading, designing, drama, boys, haha that was obvious.
dislikes; goody-two shoes, slvts, cheap brands, try-hards.
Cheering solo won first place; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9z_IhXSrYY
_____Sample Role Play______
Arabella Stam
e l i t e s
l l Not Everything Gold Glimmers l l
Arabella walked into Starbucks, a few people stared at her and she smiled and waved back at them. She took her Chanel sunglasses off, revealing icy blue eyes that scanned the crowd for a familiar face.Arabella walked over to the cashier, pulling her wallet out. "Hi, can I have an iced vintie mocha thingy, please?" She asked a slight laugh. She set her lacrosse bag down, and scanned the small shop room once again, her eyes landing on him. The boy who would break her heart.
Arabella smiled, and walked over to him, coffee cup in hand. "Is this seat taken?" She asked blue eyes glimmering, a small smile appearing on her red velvet lips. "It is now." the boy replied. "I'm Aaron, Aaron Martin." Arabella smiled, her blue eyes lighting up. "I know you! You're in my history class, yeah? I'm Arabella."
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