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● Name ; ; Nora Keyln Grey
● Age ; ; sixteen
● Nationality ; ; scandinavian
● Clique ; ; whatever you think it’s worth

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● Looks ; ; { - marloes & horst - } striking, steel blue eye sparkle in a cool, grey gaze - rimmed with onyx, black lashes that flutter like butterflies. silken, ivory skin coats a heart-shaped face, blemish free and only dusted with light freckles and a few beauty marks only enhancing rather than tainting her appearance. a ski-sloped nose, perfectly straight and sliding downward to a small, rounded end, curving delicately downwards. plump, cupid’s bow lips vermillion in colour and often coated in a simple, sheer coat of lip-gloss, never needing the extra colouring. dark blonde hair that glimmers in the sunlight falls in beach-tossed waves down to her waist, often let loose and beautifully hanging or tied up in an elegant, swooping bun or smooth, tight ponytail. golden toned natural and honey highlights are scattered throughout the glorious mass of locks, giving her an edgy yet ethereal look. all rested upon an elegant, curved neck leading down to a soft, slender body with subtle curves and sleek edges. she stands at an average 5”6 but she is anything but average.
● Personality ; ; Nora is a confident, classy girl. self-assured and determined she tries her hardest at everything and gives nothing but the best, even in the most remedial of tasks. she doesn’t particularly take criticism lightly but she works on any suggestions that others might have for her in order to try to better herself in any way possible. intelligent and sophisticated she lives for the elite and upper-class, having known these ways her entire life she knows how to hold herself like a woman and act like a lady. but that doesn’t mean she isn’t up for any fun. when the time is right she’s relaxed and easy going, but only when the day is over and the work is done. until then she’s serious and quite sensitive, not willing to let anyone see her flaws she hides them well, often through a cool expression or stony gaze. she’s not perfect but she does a lot more than try.
● Flaws ; ; unable to believe it if you saw her Nora’s actually incredibly insecure and prides herself on her appearance and the way she’s viewed in public, not wanting to disappoint her parents or ever embarrass herself in front of those around her. she has considerably low self-esteem and enjoys flirting and gaining compliments from guys, helping her feel better about herself even if it does make her feel cheap and used at the same time. some would also say she’s full of herself but she’s just hiding a lot of insecurities behind an angels face.

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● Story ; ; having been born on the thirteenth of july, during a blossoming summer in finland, to an author and a gynaecologist Nora was bought up in comfortable wealth. their house was large but homely, fitting in her, her parents and her elder brother, aabel, with ease and leaving them a few guest rooms and offices to spare. it wasn’t until the age of eight when her mother’s first real big time hit was published and she went straight to the newyork times bestseller list and proceeded to stay at number one for three weeks. seizing the opportunity her family relocated to america where her mother would get a more helpful publicist so that she could get her other works published and sold effectively.
having been used to the cool winds of finland the california heat was unbearable to Nora and she often grew ill from heat stroke because of her inability to cope with such high temperatures. of course being from an entirely different country and hemisphere of the world meant that there was a language barrier issue and Nora was escorted around her school with a translator, causing the other children to point, stare and notice her more than she would’ve been back home.
Nora was accustomed to being spotted for her beauty and simple elegance but now she only seemed to be noticed because she was different and accompanied by a frumpy assistant. after two years of hard work she was finally fluent in english and no longer needed her translator, something she was incredibly proud of, knowing that she wouldn’t be ridiculed any further.
making the transfer into secondary school she was grateful to be around a new group of people, finding herself immediately invited to the popular group because of her looks and interesting accent. although, her school life then became relatively easy she was still uncomfortable around the others after having been originally shunned by those that were now supposedly her friends.
confiding in her elder brother, as she usually did, she learned that she was right about her suspicions and their kindness to her was a ploy to use her intelligence (at first she had of course struggled with english but Nora had always been exceptional at mathematics and art). the following day she removed herself from her ‘friends’ and became a solitary unit for the rest of her school life, not bothering with their judgement on her and instead focusing on her education and in helping her mother when she attended social events.
when she heard of an opportunity to attend a new school she jumped at the chance, grateful to be away from her old school and life, only wishing she could take her brother with her who was more than her best friend. he was her only friend.
● + ; ; she has a passion for perfume and always looks to find the perfect scent that suits her. the classic chanel no 5 is her all-time favourite but more recently she’s been swaying towards the more girly and innocent fragrance of marc jacobs daisy. Nora also loves flowers more than anything, her favourite being peonies and roses from their elegance and femininity.
● - ; ; although she doesn’t like people to know what she dislikes she very much hates fizzy drinks and fish and would never consume either such diabolical substances. she’s also been known to not be an animal lover, preferring her animals in the stuffed, teddy form than the drooling, hair-malting kind.

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● Fashion Style ; ; her fashion style is chic and glamorous, preferring the pastel shades and delicate lace over anything too bold or bright. you could say her style was vintage or parisian but Nora just calls it her own style. pairing up ballet pumps with a pure white blazer, clear tights and lace jumpsuit, all topped off with a knitted beret or beanie and of course a set of pearls or diamonds.
● Possessions ; ; Nora owns some finer things in life but despite being from an incredibly wealthy background she never buys or owns something simply for the sake of spending money or having the newest gadget. her phone is a samsung galaxy tablet two, with a pastel, heart case. her room to isn’t overly swarming with clothes or jewellery the only things she owns in true abundance is her perfume. also, Nora is known for her collection of cushions. don’t ask her why she collects them, she just does and enjoys doing so.

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● Secret ; ; after a few years of living in america Nora actually discovered that her elder brother was adopted by her parents and she struggled to keep it from him, eventually giving in and telling him that their parents were only her parents. he was of course distraught at first but then grew angry at her parents and she often came home to raised voices and shouting doors, spending the night locked away in her room or her studio.
● Other ; ; Nora has her own art studio back at their home, having one of the large barns on their grounds refurbished into a studio for her to paint, the barn next door being reworked into a music studio for her brother where he could write and record his own songs.

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Extras ; ;
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● Desire To Be An Alpha ; ; i honestly don’t mind, if you think i can be then i won’t say no.
● Why Do You Deserve Such An Honour ; ; i think i’m a pretty good roleplayer and i have a lot of experience when it comes to roleplay so i could do the part of an Alpha justice in that respect. and i also have awesome ideas if i do say so myself.
● Activeness ; ; probably around a 9/10. if i am online then i will be active and post as much as i can. but there are some days (only recent ones because of exams and such) that i just can’t get online at all. but my exams are over in a monthish so it should be up to around a 10 then.
● Anything Extra ; ; i like ice cream.

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