☼ єммα נєωєℓѕ нєαтнєятση ☼

Age // seventeen years young, only ♡
Looks // In collection, dearie. ❤ Emma has an alluring appearance, an exotic beauty. She is flawless, her perfect toned skin - blemish free. Her ocean colored eyes flecked with green, framed by a thick jet black forest of lashes. Her light cupid bow lips.
behind the camera, she shines a little brighter and possesses a sparkle no one else exhibits. acting and singing have always been her strong points, and she never misses a moment to shine. she has the effortless ability to turn heads on the street, and cause naive tourists to pull out their cameras and snap a picture just in case she's famous
- - - - x - - - -
Nationality // Emma is American but she is of Swedish descent. Her grand parents are Swedish.
Birthday // 22nd June
Birthplace // Emma was born in Manhattan, NY to a rich, classy couple.
- - - - - x - - - - -
Biography // A glimmering star in a sea of diamonds. That's how you may describe her. Emma is the epitome of beauty, the essence of class. silvery green, blue flecked eyes decorate the top half of her beautifully enchanting face. Emma Jewels Heatherton, is the only child of the rich, well know couple, Mr and Mrs Heatherton. Her father, Louie Jean Heatherton, is a famous business man. Known for his chain of hotels located all over the world. Her mother, Maya Julie Heatherton, is a young entrepreneur and socialite. Emma grew up in the Upper East Side, meaning she only knew one thing; class. The second she was born, Emma was brought up with money beyond your wildest dreams. Okay, so Emma is a very rich girl, she loves everything around her. Of course, she's not only a 'séxy bombshell', but she's mysterious, a dark dream: what keeps you up all night by just thinking about her. She is, and may I say it again, a very posh child, with outstanding grades and no sociable difficulties.
Her family lived in one of the most expensive penthouses in all of New York. Her life is damn amazing. Not to mention all the parties, boys, fashion shows etc. Her mother had urged her to become a model, which she happily did and to this day still is.
I will add more info later..
Family members // Father ;; Louie Jean Heatherton ;; Owner of hotel chains all over the world ;; Ewan McGregor
Mother ;; Maya Julie Heatherton ;; Entrepreneur and socialite ;; Looks ;; Christina Moore
Personality // Emma can be described with two sides, which don't really contradict though. The one side of her is adventurous, energetic, outgoing and quite carefree. She enjoys life to the fullest. She loves a good drink, partys and any kind of event, really. The other part of her is elegant and sophisticated. She loves feeling like a classy princess, daddy's little princess. She loves her extravagant home and always thinks very highly of herself, which doesn't mean that she looks down to people. She's just quite self-confident and would love to help other people feel the same way. Even though Emma is mostly friendly, she gets annoyed quickly. Then she can be snappy and cynical. This quick temper brings out her sharp tongue. she is the kind of girl who is spontaneous and loves to live in the moment, just focusing on today and thinking about tomorrow when it comes. Emma, is, well, one of those girls. You can't blame her; she was born that way, baby.

Clique // Elites, duh.
Other //
+ Single, but everyone knows that won't last for long. With those attractive eyes, seductive figure, and sexy voice, many boys will fall into her trap by the end of the week.
+ Emma has always been popular; a role model, trendsetter, and it girl everywhere she goes. Even the most confident boys follow her around like love-sick puppies, but who can blame them?
+ Emma cannot sing. She hates singing and she will point down refuse if you ask her too. She can't sing to save her life.
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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