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We'll Jump Together, Off this Cliff and into Heaven

✼ name // elizabeth maria lavelle
✼ pronunciation // el-iza-beth mah-ree-ah lah-v-el
✼ nickname // liz
✼ age // sixteen years
✼ grade // junior

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✼ date of birth // january first
✼ place of birth // rio, brazil
✼ nationality // brazilian
✼ family // the lavelle's

• marcelle renee lavelle - deceased
my mother. upon the news of my fathers death, she was left ill on her bed, dying.
• jordan lavelle - deceased
my father. a lucky seven won him a million, but everything comes with a price, and that price was his life.
• aunt lecia - thirty-five
the pure substance of evil, i have avoided her ever since her intrusion on our already tainted lives.
• rita lavelle - deceased
my eldest sister. i remember she got into a drug cartel when she was eighteen years of age and left us. in those days leading up to her absence she had been experiencing melancholy, as if she had already been looking at us if we were dead. she used to be kind before then, but i will never be able to forgive this older sister of mine for attempting murder on my perfect baby sister.
• hannah lavelle - nineteen years
i have always been sad to see hannah be another to succumb into love, i have always respected her as my second eldest sister, she was kind and took me under her wing in the hardest of times, but just like wind blows, hannah blew away too, into the arms of a lover who left her in the dust. i feel in my heart she is still alive living somewhere, but i will never be too sure.
• sony lavelle - twelve years
sony is my little sister. i find her perfect in every way. sony is innocent, carefree, and content, three things that my family could use a little of. i take her under my wing like hannah took me under hers, and she is the only person i can truly believe is of my family.
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✼ appearance // adriana lima
it's rather challenging to describe my appearance, for every time i blink back at myself in the mirror, i find myself remembering how much i don't know about myself. it's strange, humanity as a whole, and how it changes with the time. i'm not entirely certain how to describe my appearance, i've been told that i'm better than average in looks, though i've never believed anyone who told me it, as it is in human nature to lie. i would say i'm okay if that exotic appearance is to your fancy, i'm quite tan with brown hair and blue eyes, an unusual combination. you'll usually find me with a light coat of mascara over those eyes and small waves forming with my hair. i'm typically not one to look at myself in the mirror for appearance, more for self-contemplation.
✼ personality // i've always been skeptical. i've seen others give into love and have watched love crush them. it is a merciless concept that we cannot help but succumb to eventually, even the strongest-willed of humans. unfortunately i am more succumbed to it than most. i have the tendency to believe even though i have the tendency to be reserved in belief, it's a strange thing, personality, it is dependent on emotion, and thus changes as fast as night and day. i suppose this means that i wish to believe in all that people tell me, but in the end i choose not to because i feel that if i am seduced into their ways i will only be hurt in the end.

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✼ biography // i've read too many stories of love and togetherness making us stronger. to me, they aren't true. i was not born with content faces watching me as i took my first breath on earth as many have been said to be. i was met with somber faces at birth because i was another mouth to feed, or at least that's what my sister, rita, told me before she died. i suppose it's ironic i was born on the day of promise, where everyone gets to start the year anew, january first, because my life has been discarded of that luxury. but if there's one thing i've learned, it's that life moves on, and whether there are more obstacles in your way than in others, the only thing that matters is that you reach that perfect sunset.
if only that perfect sunset were so easy.
my first living memory that has lasted to this day occurred when i was four, i recall my father triumphantly striding through the cracked, wooden door, raising a piece of paper into the air inscribed with three numbers : 7 7 7. i know now that it was a lottery ticket, and those three numbers would be a new pathway that would make us far wealthier than we could've ever imagined living in the ghetto of rio de janeiro, brazil. my mother looked upon the numbers as well, the curious glances of my older sisters following, and she fell into tears, but not the tears of misery that would be more than plentiful in the years to come, but the tears of sheer happiness that she felt as she saw those three numbers that would change our lives forever.
i was flying. the near-empty plane was a perfect place to stretch my arms and spread my wings as we soared in open air past the fluffy clouds that hovered nearby. we were traveling at three-hundred miles an hour, but to me it was like the speed of light as the twinkling night lights of north america shone through the window. we were moving to place known as orange county, located in california in a city known as yorba linda. the place of both my fantasies, and my future nightmares.
we stayed happily in our new home for around a month with weekly outings to the mall to buy clothes that were more expensive than my old home. we lived lavishly, and spent far more money than i ever knew existed. my mother was nine months pregnant, and gave birth to my precious baby sister sony during this time who was greeted with happy smiles from our great fortune. but it all ended with my father, who had been boasting about his winnings every day around the city. the result was simple: a jealous man took his life. my mother was the one who answered the phone when the intensive care doctor called, and she quickly took us with her to see our father, but upon arrival i remember seeing the doctor cautiously approach my mother and shake his head.
my mother crumpled to the ground and lost all will to live.
going home, my mother was never the same again. at the time i only figured she was ill, but i now know she was psychopathic, and that took a toll on all of us. rita, who was eleven at the time, began to drink alcohol to conquer her misery, while hannah, who was a mere age of seven at the time took a different route and took me under her wing to find something to do other than worry about our dying mother who was constantly in her own mind hallucinating and repeating "jordan" over and over again. with our dead father's name echoing in our ears, we ventured into a nightmare of a world where we brought up ourselves.
a month passed by before my mother died on a rainy sunday, which was a happier occasion than her psychotic phase where we were all on hold for her inevitable death. no celebration sufficed, but i could sense that it was a relief to all of use now that we did not have to endure the mental agony. but now we were left to the authorities, who put us in the hands of our aunt lecia, the pure substance of evil of whom i would never dare graze upon. she ignored us and resented the fact i was forced to remain with her until i was completely free at the age of eighteen.
seven years later - age eleven
an eighteen-year-old rita had been glancing suspiciously at us for days now, it was as though she was wondering if she knew whatever she was up to on her daily five hour journey away from home. she was mainly glaring at me, who was the most contemplative of us all, and i felt that she was doing the unthinkable on her hours away. sure enough, my suspicions were correct; rita had joined a drug cartel.
it was a terrible day when she entered the home armed with a small .22 caliber hand gun, as an initiation, she was told to kill a member of the family to show her loyalty to the cartel, sony, who was now seven and still just as adorable stood near the doorway with me, we were about to exit the home for a short walk when rita had entered, and we didn't notice the gun until it was aimed, not at me, but right at sony's heart, and when rita pulled the trigger i felt my heart jump. i didn't even realize i was screaming until after i dived in front of my sister and felt a sharp pain in my lower left rib as i crumpled to the ground. perhaps this was the end, and that perfect sunset would be seeing my sister still alive and well from my sacrifice, or maybe i would never see that perfect sunset and my sister would be shot too. another gunshot rang out, and i felt tears rolling down my cheeks as the world became black.
rita had shot herself after seeing the damage, the bullet had entered her brain and instantly killed her. she was buried the following day in a nearby cemetery. none of us attended her funeral. aunt lecia let us be, simply paying the hospital bill for me during my three nights in the intensive care unit. multiple surgeries followed, and when my senses and memory finally came back i was surrounded by two members of the family i loved: hannah and sony.
not a week passed after rita's death when hannah met a neighborhood boy, a wealthy rebel whose warm brown eyes made her flutter inside. they dated clear until the end of december, and that was when hannah ran away with him. that night i remember a short whispered conversation followed by a brief silence in which i guessed they were making out, then i heard footsteps leading to the door and i left my room to spy on the two lovebirds who were exiting the door hand in hand. my eyes were in shock as i watched the two walk away into the cold winters night.
love is a terrible cruel little thing that i absolutely detest yet cannot help but fall into. it was what took away my older sister and what made me wish her to return every day of my life up to this day. i would never see her again but i would see that bastard of a man that she fell in love with return home without her weeks later. hannah was gone, and sony and i were left without our other sister.
although i've thought a lot about it, i've never known why hannah never came back. mainly because i don't want to ask.
today i still keep a twelve-year-old sony under my wing. but i will soon leave this broken nest too. sony will be left with an unloving aunt lecia and i will be stuck in a boarding school. i simply hope i will never succumb to love as hannah was, nor will i be seduced by the drug and alcohol industry as rita was. perhaps i will find a new pathway, one never before explored by my family, and maybe, just maybe, will i find that end to life that is much like that beautiful pink sunset soni and i peer at this very moment i write this. i turn to her now, saying "we'll jump together, off this cliff and into heaven." soni nods, smiles, and replies, "we'll stay here together, in this hell we'll find a light." no wiser words have ever been spoken.
secret // in addition to everything else? narcolepsy. it is a disorder in which i fall asleep, it is triggered by major emotions such as extreme sadness, anger, or laughter, i only hope no one finds out of my condition. i must keep it under control so it isn't discovered. ever.

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✼ activeness // 9.5
✼ clique preference // winthrope
✼ polyvore username // @attitudediva


Wrote one year ago
@xoxotiffanii awh thanks (:

Wrote one year ago
I just noticed this -.- I've become so blind
it's great, it's better than great
it's absolutely fantastic.

Wrote one year ago
hehehe xDDDDDD that sounds good perhaps they could end up being really good friends cos they don't really believe in love but yeah or something.. xD i'm still to finish both of my enrollments i haven't really finished them yet hahah. xDDDD

Wrote one year ago
Awh thanks. (:

Wrote one year ago
Well she's going to be with Stefan but a fling and a little rel will be fine? Perhaps she realizes what a jerk he is and dumps him. XD @dreams-and-tranquility-xox

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@attitudediva sorry about all the comments.. tagging and the stupid browser :(

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omg omg omg omg i had an idea.. what if she started dating my guy lol he is like the biggest jerk but he could fall big time for her..

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this is so amazing and i troll people when i'm bored when my browser doesn't f***** up and yes i love this. xD

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@punk-is-not-dead haha thanks. xD

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great job, lily. ^-^
(this comment is short bc i don't really have anything else to add lol)

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i really need the opinions of the pros // @avie4eva @avrilrocks2000 @fashion-outfit @i-love-peace @punk-is-not-dead @xoxotiffanii
@endafirlif @capegrovehigh

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nah, basically you write the colour and then picture in the search engine above.
for example, i type "red pictures" and before i click enter, i change it from products to collections
then hopefully some collections will come up with the colour scheme.

okay lily boo, lol. jks


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