ѕσмє ρєσρℓє нανє αℓℓ тнє вαяк // & // тнє вιтє. . .

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berlin mae ciore.
{{ burr-lin may see-ore. }}
born faction; abnegation, the selfless.
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she hated it there. the people helped each other, and put themselves last. they wouldn't care if they got hurt, if another person lived. as selfish as she may seem, she didn't like that. it confused her. wouldn't you think of yourself, too? no, not there. her parents didn't ever understand her, wanted her to be like the rest of her older brothers and sisters, but she apposed them. how could you be selfless.. if you gave birth to me? wouldn't that be / sinful? / her parents would shake their heads, clearing it of their daughter's 'nonsense.' they liked the other children more. eighteen year old marie, who excelled in reading and writing, and planned to be a teacher, benjamin, twenty-one, smart in all things academics, planning to be a doctor, and alexandria, twenty-six, already pregnant with her first child, and a nurse at the local hospital. then there were the young ones, julia and tomas, eight, still to young to make up their minds. but berlin knew. she'd thought about it, but made her mind, especially once she had taken the test. she was dauntless. she had to be. she was strong willed, courageous, and proud. it was her. her parents were disgusted- said they'd never contact her once more, probably true, though, but her mind was set. she was a dauntless.
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she's cruel, and could be labeled almost mentally insane. she's not, well, not really. she is proud, and doesn't hardly ever back down- leading her into a lot of fights. she acts on quick reflexes, and can have you pinned to the ground, knife to your neck, in a matter of seconds, if you just even lay a allowed finger upon her. yeah, she's like that. no, she's not all lion, she / can / be nice, but not a lot. she's also not very good at school, since she has adhd, along with agoraphobia, insomnia, & pyromania. she's fearless, and heartless, too. she could kill you with the flip of her wrist, and not even mind. after all, you're worthless to her- in most cases. you could say she's angry, troubled, had it in for you, or just insane, but the truth is, none of the above. she just doesn't have a heart. she's easily your worst nightmare, or your best alliance. but don't underestimate this girl; especially when a death occurs. silent is the new deadly.

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ƒαмιℓу мємвєяѕ +
mom. teacher.
dad. city councilman.
alexandria. twenty six. nurse.
benjamin. twenty one. doctor.
marie. eighteen. teacher.
julia. eight.
tomas. eight.
ƒяιєη∂ѕ + she radiates a sort of power, leading to not many people willing to sit near her, or hang out with her- afraid of her, usually. especially when the rumours spread of what she could / do / to you..

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