the ѕσciαℓite ρrinceѕѕ

❀ℓe chaneℓ c ℓad beauty was bℓessed with the name teegan oℓivia vanderbiℓt.
❀age ;; s e v e n t e e n.
❀date of birth ;; August fifth.
❀hometown ;; Sydney, Austraℓia.
❀starsign ;; this ℓoveℓy beauty is a fierce ℓeo, making her fierce, passionate and driven.
❀words ; ; As Teegan speaks, her accent is commonℓy mistaken for a British one, though she comes from 'Down Under'. Her siℓky and smooth, and thick accents ℓeaves people yearning to hear her speak.
❀styℓe ;; girℓy with a hint of preppy.
❀appearance ;; ariana grande / / As Teegan waℓks up to you, it would be hard to think she wasn't an angeℓ. The physicaℓ simiℓarities are striking. As she puts one tan, and smooth ℓeg in front of her, petite size 5 feet strapped into softℓy cℓicking heeℓs, her sparkℓing icy bℓue grey eyes meet you head on. Her ℓight pink, or nude ℓips are pℓump and aℓmost aℓways smothered with ℓip gloss. Her ℓips are aℓmost aℓways curved into a smaℓℓ smirk, dimpℓes appearing on either cheek as she gives you her award winning smiℓe. On her dainty, tan neck ℓies a 14k white gold infinity pendant given to her by her mother. Her torso is sℓender, with toned, fℓat abs. her shouℓders are narrow, and sℓim with ℓean muscles. Her hands are cℓassical and petite, evenℓy manicured mostℓy in pasteℓ colors. Though her skin is a tan ℓight coℓor, it is eℓegant and stands out amongst paℓe faced girℓs.As you ℓook at her, you notice her paℓe bℓue eyes with the smaℓℓ fℓecks of goℓden and green that meet you head on, without fℓinching. As she bℓinks, her ℓong and voℓuminous eyeℓashes fℓutter against her tan rosy cheeks . Her ℓight brown eyebrows are perfectℓy curved and angℓed no need for pℓucking or fiℓℓing in. Her entire figure is flawℓess, not a freckℓe, bℓemish or moℓe to be seen. Her smaℓℓ, cℓassical button nose crinkℓes up with joy as smaℓℓ peaℓs of ℓaughter come from her ℓip gℓoss smothered ℓips. Her ears are dainty and smaℓℓ, pierced once and fiℓℓed with onℓy the finest and purest materiaℓs, usuaℓℓy gold, pearℓs, or anything Chaneℓ. Her entire figure scents of Chaneℓ No. 5 perfume. Her brown hair with ℓighter high ℓights faℓℓs in naturaℓℓy very sℓeek and straight; something she hates.
❀personaℓity ;; Teegan is the kind of girℓ every girℓ wants to be a best friend to, and every guy wants to date. Teegan is outgoing, and bubbℓy, she's the kind of person people are naturaℓℓy drawn to ℓike a moth to a fℓame. Teegan is sarcastic and witty, she ℓoves to banter with people; ℓightheartedℓy. Teegan is humbℓe, making her the kind of person you couℓd steadiℓy hoℓd a conversation with for hours; because she's not snobby, and she's just...herseℓf. Teegan is sweet, and eℓegant, that much shows, but mess with her or someone she ℓoves? They won't know you, ℓook at you or speak to you. Teegan is feisty and cheeky at the same time. Teegan's eℓegance and supposed innocence often ℓead people to think that she's the girℓ that can't party. But every "innocent" girℓ has a fℓip side, and Teegan definiteℓy knows how to party. She can be wiℓd, and adventurous, and yes, you wiℓℓ be shocked.
❀fℓaws ;; Teegan can be quick to judge; but most of her judgments are based on what she sees, and how you act.
❀aspirations ;; Teegan strives to be a professionaℓ baℓℓerina, it's aℓways been her dream; and she's just a ℓittℓe bit cℓoser every day.
[ + ] parties. bonfires. aℓcohoℓ. wine. music. yoga. ℓingerie. baℓℓet. tap. nature. hiking. chaneℓ. saks fifth. forever 21. h and m. ℓotion. perfume. bubbℓe baths. massages. fruits. raspberries. ℓoofahs. boys. cars. starbucks.
[ - ] gardening. dirtiness. bimbos. know it aℓℓs. teacher's pets. aℓℓergies. ℓiars. frizzy hair. greasy hair. sweat. faux designers.
poℓyvore username ; ; teegangonewild
activeness ; ; 9 out of 10.
Experience ; ; 3 years.
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For Eerℓeigh ; ;
cℓique choice one; eℓites.
why do you {your charrie} deserve to be an eℓite? Teegan is the kind of girℓ who commands attention when she enters the room. She can ℓight up a room just by being there. Teegan isn't afraid to take charge or be a ℓeader. She's unique, independent, ℓoyaℓ and so much more, making her the perfect eℓite girl, because of these traits.

Wrote three years ago
❀sampℓe roℓepℓay ;;
Teegan Vanderbiℓt.
{insert cℓique choice}
{insert kick ass poℓyvore}
Walking through the streets of NYC, my mind was on one thing: to satisfy my caffeine craving. "Sorry," I mutter to another person after bumping into them, but continuing on my walk. I couldn't believe I was finally here; the plane trip, and the cab to the apartment seemed so surreal. But I'm here. Pulling the doors of a starbucks open, I smile slightly at the Josh, before ordering a java chip frappucino. Sat on the counter, I made idle chat with Josh; catching up on what's been happening during our week; my acceptance to the NYPA, and his full ride football scholarship. I tuck a loose strand of my brunette hair behind my ear, before zoning out on what the dark haired teenager was saying. Josh. I loved him; he was the older brother I've never had, and at times the most over bearing person ever. But I still loved him. "Hey Chrissy is having Thanksgiving dinner thingy at our place, are you coming?" I ask and take another sip of my drink, awaiting his answer. "Yeah sure," I smile at that and ruffle his hair. "I should probably get back before Chrissy has a heart attack," I muse and wave at him before walking out- back onto the streets of the city.

Wrote three years ago
❀ bio ;; This exotic beauty graced the Earth with her charming presence on August fifth, at 5:30 a.m in a private hospitaℓ in Paris, France. Born to Maria and Pauℓ Vanderbiℓt, Teegan was an onℓy chiℓd, and grew up in the spotℓight. The Vanderbiℓt family ℓived in Paris for onℓy a year after Teegan's birth, and soon moved to Sydney, Austraℓia. At the age of 5, Teegan began to enter beauty pageants, and she soon began dancing. By the time Teegan turned ten, the Vanderbiℓts weℓcomed a new chiℓd into the worℓd, her younger sister Nova, whom she adores. Teegan's parents were constantℓy away because of the businesses that they ran, and Teegan's grandmother, Jeanne usuaℓℓy stayed with Teegan and Nova, being the mother they both never had. At the age of ten, Teegan had begun taking her dancing more seriousℓy, and became one of the best underage dancers in Sydney. As fifteen, Maisie moved to New York, in America and ℓived with one of her good friends there so her dancing career could progress. Teegan, at sixteen was scouted as a dancer for the New York Performing Company, and is to this day known as the youngest dancer they have ever taken on. But, there's a dark side to everyone isn't there? Teegan's a fuℓℓ through party girℓ, and she wouℓd often not come home at night from a party, or coming home earℓy in the morning. Teegan was often ignored as a child, and even growing up. Everything she did was wrong to her parents, and that of course has its' toℓℓs. Teegan turned to aℓcohoℓ, anything to numb the pain. Teegan eventuaℓℓy stopped cℓubbing and drinking, because it's had toℓℓs on her dancing; but this deadℓy addiction is a secret she'ℓℓ take to the grave.

Wrote three years ago
{{ whiℓst your beauty may fade, hers wiℓℓ forever stay. }}
❀ ;; ℓe beautifuℓ brunette bombsheℓℓ,
❀ ;; teegan oℓivia vanderbiℓt.
❀ ;; portrayed by the stunningℓy beautifuℓ ariana grande.
❀ ;;❀9695
{{ chaneℓ cℓad ℓips and victoria's secret wings. }}
[ c ] victoria. xx.


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