Another set from Hello greeting party in Japan

well picture there from my camera excepted above that Sehun with the cake it not mine.
even though it was already passed his birthday but i still in the mood of Sehun's BDay look at his cheek almost kaboom and cute:)

So, pics from this set i did shared to one of Sehun's fan site in Korea you might already have seen it on Tumblr with many edited ver.
but here from this set(my version) are original from me& @stephaniee90 you might see Sehun came closer to where i was.
I think Luhan found our camera i have so many pics but not clear.(maybe Luhan soon or you can find it at @stephaniee90 if she not lazy to make set?) my hands did shaking so damn bad haha<3

And for HunHan's fans don't worried your OTP still alive they're always find the way together.
plus i have a thing for Luhan's hair,what? i love it.

I ever shared my stories with you right!!
about i joined so many times EXO's fan meeting in Korea
first ever,i stop by Baek(even have fan cam on Youtube dang*idw to show but some of you already have seen it ),second/third/fourth stop by Sehun and always him came to my way
i kinda sure after this party we supposed to meant to be sth special LOL ,don't worried Sehun's fans i seriously love him as dongsaeng he's cute wanna pinches his cheeks nope never ever dream to Sehun,i did promised to myself i will support him along with Kai(of course EXO)
Sehunnie's noona right here forever sounded cute:)

You might see how cute he is then and now grow up handsome in last 2 years and f.ck tall confirm but close-up radar he be able to grow to 186 in so near future or he already that height?
plus Tao/Yeol/Kris f.ck tall than SM give us their's profile.

I want to stop time at that time when he make a heart...surely Sehun is one of the best that ever happened on Kpop

Sorry for being cheesy, i know you got me!

You know i hope someday EXO will visit your country or you come to meet them in Korea.

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