Sometimes we deprive ourselves of something good because we’re afraid of what could happen down the line. A shining, positive opportunity comes and we decline because we think of all the possibilities in the future that could lead us away from it – that could make us not want it anymore. 

The truth is, when we think this way, we deprive ourselves from truly living. 

When we decline something we want in favor of the unfavorable possibilities the future might bring, we think we’re being smart. We think we’re in control. But the only thing we’re doing is turning down an opportunity to be happy in life now. And that’s a tragedy. Because we don’t know what the future might bring. A better outcome can happen. A better road – one that we could have never imagined for ourselves – can be waiting as a result of taking the one we took. 

We mustn’t let fear or doubt cloud our judgement. It only destroys instead of creates. We need to make more choices with our hearts.

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