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日 03.07.2014
映画 Spirited Away
引用 Chihiro & Haku

Hello everyone!

So it seems that this will be my weekly set..
I am so sorry, that I can not post more regularly.
I just do not find the time for it. :(

I had my final presentation yesterday. I was so nervouse. I even dreamt that I could not find my clothes and my material and then I missed the bus and the presentation. Luckyly it was only a dream. So I did the presetation and it was ok. I think I passed. I might not have the best mark, but I will not have to do the course again, and that it the main thing.

I have another test next week and 3 exams and a project the week after. After that I finally have holidays. I might have to work, but I think I will have a bit more time for Polyvore then. *yay*

My smartphone is not working anymore. Well, I am actually not that dependent on it, that I can not live without it. But it is just really difficult to contact people if I can not use whatsapp or other massengers while I am not at home. PLUS, I will not be able to leave any comments or reply to messages on here while I am in Uni. So please forgive me, if I will be even more inactive than I already am.

I hope I can save some money while working during the holidays, so i can afford a new phone in a while. I actually hate technical devices if they do not work how they should or if they randomly break -.- 

Today the sun is shining and I will visit my family later. My sister was away over the weekend and I have so much to tell her. In the evening I want to go roller blading with my dad. That should be fun.

Maybe my boy, me and a few friends will go hiking on saturday and then do a barbecue somewhere out in the fields. I really hope we will do that, it would be so much fun!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. And a happy 4th July, for all of you who celebrate it ( I do not).
And I wish everyone good luck for their exams and sweet summer holidays, if you have already finished school!! :)

If you read all this, please comment your favourite animated movie! 

<3 Eliza
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