.. (this will be long my pov toward to this guy that i keep it long time ago)

A year already since i have made a set feature with Kim Hyunjoong.

So much taking me all courage to making set with him again.

Who is he?
well he is someone i liked so much in past few years ago..someone that makes me had similar feeling same as Kai.
someone that i ever once head over heel toward him.
BUT that all it was a past now.

I trying to stay on positive side on his meesed up stories..but i can't !!
his scandals is way too serious
and i'm not a person who can accepted to any serious(wrongful) issue that my biased ever done.
maybe i like him so much that also upset so much.
(idk some of you my old followings still remember this guy,he used to be Rainie's no.1 biased before)

Taking me too long to me to openly talking about his scandals.
3 things that i cant see it right (toward tomy biased) 1.Se.xua.l hara.ssmen.t 
3.Dru.g addicted 3.Abusiv.e
and my 2 top biased in the past got into no.2&3
exactly unlucky to crushed on them.

This man is involving with no.3 at first when i heard it i was totally major shocked.
my flower boy lovely caring perfect prince next door is being an abusiv.e 
that the starting of 101 dramas of his life.
(google or allkpop if you want more info)

I just cant believe it ,even trying to believe it was from set up.
but he accepted by himself already.
so time to say good bye from this long time fan.
(why i feel bitter)

well this long note i have been prepare for age,he is in army camp now to enlist as Korean guy's duty..and also his Birthday (June,06) so i just would like to let my feeling come out and happy to my precious flower boy.
(his nickname got from drama Boy over flower okay)


I hope so Kai is a good idol,the one that i still set my high hope on him,everything is fine but those 3 that i listed above is big no.

nobody perfect but people can choose their own path to do or dont to any ba.d behavior right?

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