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Song: Freeze (Don't Move!) by Block B. Love Block B. ^^

This is my last tag! Now to focus on studying. ^^

Tagged by @kokafor934

1. You have to tag the people you like on Polyvore!
2. You can only tag 10 people or less.
- just foℓℓow my ℓead! -
Name: Dusky. ^^ 
Favorite Color: Red and yellow. But I’m really starting to like green as well. Especially olive and mint green.
Age That You Want To Be: I’m okay with my age right now. What's not to like about it? XD
Favorite Zoo Animal: Tigers. Pandas. Um...Yeah.
Favorite Letter(s): K? 
Favorite Word: Um…Loverhollic? XD Kidding. I don’t really think I have one…
Person/ People You Love: My family. Oh, and my puppy. ^^ 
Faces: ^^, XD.

and of course @kokafor934 

Y'all don't have to do it. I just wanted you to know that I liked you and think you all are awesome and make such wonderful sets!

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