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guys. it's me! kimchipikachu. and of course you're wondering why i have a new name. well, if you didn't know, all my hard work one year worth in my "kimchipikachu" account has been suspended. /scary background music/ i'm not sure if someone flagged my profile... i emailed polyvore and they haven't responded. so, i just wanted you guys to know that this is my new account! honestly, im not making a big fuss or anything; but i am REALLY upset. if you need proof; ask equinoxstar ← she's the best like i love her. i also have a request for you! i hope this isn't too much to ask for but i hope you guys can spread the word to people (i think the kpop ones or something idk) about my new account. you don't have to include the fact that my account was suspended; but if you can; please help me! thank you guys so much for reading this! ;A; i owe you guys a ton. 

neverenoughfeels (AKA kimchipikachu)
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