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go ara is so gorgeous and lovely yet she's not really active at all. i don't understand @sm please explain yourselves. 

i said i wouldn't really be on but i did finish one of my finals [social] yesterday. i'm doing math review right now and i'm not enjoying it. i'm also not enjoying being sick between exams ugh ;A; but the social final went decently, i don't think i did too bad but there were a few questions on there that where i wasn't really sure about my answers but it's over now so i can't change them anyways. i hope i got over ninety percent. the best case scenario is me getting five or less wrong so i can maintain a 95 average. the absolute best case scenario is if i get 100 percent though haha cx

happy birthday to that big loser kim jongin too <33

and at this point, i'm more concerned about getting tickets for exo'luxion than my finals. yes, i have my priorities straight c: 

watch my wifi go out when ticket sales start i would flip my shít. 

have a good day to everyone as well c:

#winter2016 kinda #feminine #chic
#blackandwhite #sweaterweather 
#goara #classy @polyvore @polyvore-editorial
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