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i consider myself a feminist. i'm proud and unashamed of that. 
feminism becomes very difficult when religions like islam are involved. yesterday i visited a mosque and a female, practising muslim showed us around. she said that she felt that she didn't feel in any way oppressed by her religion in modern days, and i was confused. i didn't understand how a hijab "protecting women's modesty" wasn't sexist. to me, it seemed like that was sexualising simple things like hair. (on some level, i still don't understand that. i would be overjoyed if someone could explain that to me). today i came across an islam feminism page and they seemed to be annoyed by the way that western media and western feminists seem determined to "save" muslim women from oppression, which i understand now, when muslim women achieve so much, not stopped by a hijab. i understand their frustration by that, and i feel guilty for that now. it made me think, and i like thinking. i would like to thank muslim feminists for making me think.
conclusion: feminists make me happy. feminists from minority groups or groups associated with feminism make me especially happy.
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