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For the "Your Supernatural Life" Challenge. 
# Introduction Set: 
Name: Ava Alexia Smith.
Nickname: Lex.
Gender: Female.
Species: Half Demon.
Date of Birth: June 17th 1989
Place of Birth: A mysterious Small Town near Los Angeles, United States.
Place of Residence: On the road! <3
Nationality: American and German Roots. 
Occupation: Hunter.
Height: 5'7"
Eye Colour: Green-Gray-Brown.
Hair Colour: Light brown hair with some highlights.
Skin: Slightly tan.
Clothing Style, etc: Love to combine the grunge style with classy and femine things. Always wearing Make Up and Jewellery, even when you are on a hunting trip, you have to keep up the women inside! ;b
{ Family } 
Father: Unknown. 
Mother: Julianne Smith, age 37, deceased.
Younger Sister: Katherine Smith, alive. @mrskatibaby

{ Personality & History}
Stubborn, caring, though, leery, sometimes a little but too screwy with a good sense of humor. Lex loves to go on party, to show her wildside and forget about all the problems she has, but also sometimes she just sit around and look up in the stars. She would die for her sister, after he Mom was killed by a Unknown person, when she was 16, Katherine is everything for her.<3 
Lex met Sam in College, where she was just for a couple of months. Kath and her tried to live a normal life again, after some years on the road. Lex felt in love with Dean after they help him and Sam finding their Father. Their relationship is complicated, but he was and will be the only person, she would love without regret, even if Lex never would say, that that is true.
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