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i can literally never stick to one series. it's a little ridiculous, lol ~

but anyway. this roleplay is based on a mixture of hana yori dango (which i just watched for the 4387538357th time), the hills, and gossip girl. it's about an uber-prestigious school in the upper east side of manhattan. you have to be richer than rich to go here. a group called "the eight" rule over the entire school. you piss one of them off, you get a gold card. you get a card and your life at the school is basically over. 

this set is for the queen bee, as you can probably tell from the title. this outfit is for the annual brunch that happens the week before school starts. the queen bee is not exactly the nicest person on the planet. if you're not a member of the eight, she'll treat you with mild indifference at best. at worst, she'll give you a card. every year, she makes at least three poor kids have to leave the school.

the queen bee
age: 18
face claim: barbara palvin
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