yes, jumping on the bandwagon.
look what you did g ;)

Past Roleplay Characters;
Yasmina Verne | Mary Tschenberg's High School for Girls
- Yasmina Verne (Junior)
Age: 17(?) (it was never stated LOL)
Bio: Y is different from most of the other girls in MT; she lives by her own downtown and she has a monthly column in NYLON magazine, but equal to the rest of the girls, she has a hardcore party side. Will she embrace these girls' different life style?
Model: Leighton Meester
Love Interest: James Franco and the ex was Sebastian Stan
Sets made: 46

Awww, my first RP! This was when Leighton was my ‘candice’ at the time. I loved her to death so I used her :P
It was high school RP and that’s what I was looking for my first RP, so it was perfect. At first I made a set/story for every event LOL, but of course my stories were like a paragraph each.
Ps; where did we get the notion that our stories had to be miles long, huh? :P
Oh and pps; I used james franco before ALL you b*tches ;) just saying.
My sets sucked by the way. I was still tweaking them ;)
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