I feel so stupid for until now always thinking that they grow corn in 11... But it's a grain so it would be from like 9 or something


"Orion!" My voice is picked up by the wind and echoes in the trees. The mockingjays pick up the tones in my voice and mimmic them. Orion nears me, his white shirt soiled from lifting heavy crates full of the crop.

"Abby," he parts ways with his work crew and joins me. "What can I do for you?" Orion is my age but he's always been like an older brother to me, and it's not just because of his size- at almost 6 feet he towers over me.

"Well, I was on my way to the market, but I know you just got off shift and I wanted to know if you felt like coming with me."

"Uhhh..." he said glancing around, back to his work station (he looked finished to me), and faced me again, "sure." He agreed with a grin.

Neither of us have enough money to buy anything too pricy, or anything for that matter. There is a woman named Uma who is the mother to 4 children, and on their property behind their house is a peach tree. Orion and I buy a peach from her by trading half a carton of blueberries that Orion snuck under his shirt. We split the peach and continue walking through the market. 

We pass a few girls from our school who are shopping together, one of them is a girl named Azalea. We've talked a few times times outside of school and I had the misfortune of once being paired with her for a project (which I ended up doing all the work for).

"Hi Abby," Azalea says, although she's not focused on me. "Hi Orion." She coos, sighing as she says his name. 

"Hi Azalea" we both reply back. Azalea's dark-skinned face flushes. She gathers her things from the merchant she was buying from and she and her friends giggle as they leave, the other girls, Wren and Briar following behind.

Orion chuckles and makes a face.

"Oh, what's that face for?" I say, taunting him. "Don't like Azalea and her cohorts?"

"No, no they're fine." He laughs again.

"What?" I inquire.

"Oh, nothing." I don't push anymore because knowing him, I'll never get the answer.
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