2 Chainz, you f*cking crazy, motherf*ckers know I'm f*cking crazy
F*ck wrong with these b-tches lately?
B-tches better get on they knees and praise me
B-tch, I rep that rich gang. Where's Stunna? Where's Wayne?
That's red on my wristband, SB, Mack Maine
Tell Tyga, lookin' for this b-tch called Blac Chyna
Take a n-a b-tch in a hot flash, menopause hot flash
Yes that's why I'm crowned queen, and I ain't lookin' for the prom king
These hoes' careers ain't promising, killing these b*tches - crime scene
Oh, that's how a b*tch do it
Fifty black trucks gone follow when I pull up
This shiit hit you in the chin like a pull up
My door so cocky, my door so stuck up
Oh, hop up out the space car
B*tches stay pressed, I call them a space bar
Man I wish a b*tch would, hundred-thousand dollar engine, I wish a b*tch could

Dropping the munchkins off with there tía Paola. Going to have a much needed night out. Feel free to join if you'd like. I can't possibly spend the whole day and night by myself lol. Message me, I'll get to them soon I promise. Besos babes ; *

P.S. The damn "Polyvore Guidlines" are ridiculous. If you use a curse word they won't publish your set or messages. Come on now we are all big kids around here -.- So stupid. There's no need for that really lmao.
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