i keep promising bai/daria drama, so i finally finished the story, i'll put it up today/tomorrow depending on when i finish the set. one of my americano friends is coming to sydney today and i have to go get her at the airport... it isn't even 6am yet.

also i did mumbai before seoul, whoops.

taylor arrived in seoul and immediately decided she needed to be more colourful, so she made herself into a walking rainbow eyesore. after eating some bad bulgogi, she was forced to spend a whole day in her hotel room. only the music channel worked on TV, so taylor wasted away many hours learning the dance moves to the newest k-pop songs. in a club the next night, she performed the exact choreography to the number one hit “your face is made of stars.” far from impressing the locals, they thought she was crazy. yet again taylor wonders why she is so misunderstood.
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Wrote 5 years ago
I always love it when you make bright sets! This is so fun. I see Karlie!

Wrote 5 years ago
WHOA this is amazing! I love all the color

Wrote 5 years ago
aly. i honestly love this. it's like you took a rainbow electric syringe and injected it into a set, and came out with THIS. THIS reminds me of a pack of runts, you know, the candy? there's like, grape, banana, orange, strawberry, and cherry! i hate the banana flavor though, even though i do quite love the color yellow. mmm. this makes me want to go out and buy a pair of neon pink pumps. i do think i could work them quite well. haha. oooh! flowers. one of my favorite things EVER are pretty pink and yellow flowers wrapped in newspaper. i don't know it just sounds so GENUINE. whenever i go to the farmers market i go and buy flowers and they wrap them in tabloids. IT'S ALL QUITE FUN.

Wrote 5 years ago



Fashion Fairytale

Fashion Fairytale

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Dangling off the Edge

Dangling off the Edge

I thought that was such a cool name! The name really doesn't pertain to what the group is about. This group is for anyone and everyone who loves being creative and believes that there are NO RULES in fashion. Because there aren't. BUT fashion is not the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Hollister, or Abercrombie... unless you can make any of that even look like fashion, your set might be deleted, sorry. A contest will go every week and I will have a "set of the day" everyday, AND a Member of the Week every Sunday. So have fun, and enjoy!!!

The 60 City Challenge

The 60 City Challenge

Sets must includes picture of a city or it's sights. Sets can be fashion or art. And please submit only sets which represents this collection or which includes pictures of city from the list. If you finished collection, send me pm.
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32. Kuala Lumpur
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36. Berlin
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38. Barcelona
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40. Seattle
41. Athens
42. Melbourne
43. Montreal
44. Cape Town
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46. Nairobi
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models & mojitos

models & mojitos

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