GIF of the day: (yes it's a GIF look closely)

hey guys, hope everyone's been doing good so far today, and may your day continue to be happy.

today was the official last day of school for me. really it was just two hours of taking pictures and watching people cry and saying words like 'i'll miss you' and 'stay in touch'. here's a fact about me; 

i don't cry. very few sad things make me cry. like maybe two 'sad' or 'melodramatic' movies have made me cry. 

so of course i become the shoulder to cry on for all of my friends. my shirt is kinda wet still from the tears tbh o_o or maybe it's the rain haha

the sky matches the mood today; gray representing the sadness, and little patches of blue representing the happiness. 

summer's finally here <33

Have a good day to everyone today~ :)))
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