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Past Roleplay Characters;
Amelia Andrews | Palm Beach Society

Name: Amelia Andrews
Age: 19
Birthday: September 16
Bio: At first glance, Amelia seems like a perfect angel, but once you take a deeper look you see all the cracks in her perfect facade and see her for the devil she truly is. She's a temptress; a femme fatale that catches the eyes of the many older married gentlemen. She gets what she wants no matter who she has to hurt to get it,but despite her flawed behavior she has a good heart and if you do have her on your side, she'll fight to the death for you. Deep down she just wants what every girl wants; love, but so far her attempts have been disastrous.
Item: Sky High Heels
Model: Megan Fox
Sets Made: 13
Sl.ut that was dating a married dude. What was me and wanting to play sl.uts? :pp. Sets were slooowly getting better. Much better than previous ones at least haha. And again, I used the name Amelia lol.
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