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Almost done with this challenge omg. Haha.
Alright well, I finished Big yesterday so now I need to express my thoughts. Overall it was pretty good. It had it's funny moments, cute moments, sad moments, and boring moments.. lol. I was getting kind of bored halfway through, not going to lie.

Gil Da Ran's family however, were freaking hilarious. I absolutely LOVE the mom and son in this drama. Seriously, they were my favorite characters. 

And even though I wanted to strangle Suzy's character a few times she played the role well. xD

Okay, now look away if you haven't finished the drama!
-----------BIG SPOILERS AHEAD----------

The ending guys. Omg. The only thing I hated was that we didn't see Kyung Joon's face. WHY?? Some people said he's still in Yoon Jae's body but I disagree. The only explanation I can think of is the Hong sisters wanted to make Kyung Joon seem mature like what Da Ran saw in Yoon Jae. Even though the guy you see in the plaid shirt looks and sounds like Gong Yoo. Which is really confusing.. :/ But they are brothers so they are supposed to have similarities.......

And if Kyung Joon really remembers? I think he does. Or if not then Ma Ri must have told him. Because why else would he be wearing the watch?? They should have emphasized it more instead of leaving the ending so open like that! And will we ever know Yoon Jae's real feelings towards Da Ran? Probably not but we can assume that him and the other doctor were meant to be together anyway...
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