Hey guuurls! So i know that most of us at some point in our life have thought our thighs were fat. But really its quite simple to get them back to the size you want them. Just do these workouts, eat healthy, and soon that fat will be traded in for muscle.

squats are perfect for thighs. Do 3 sets of 10 each day. You can even add weights. Just hold the weights in your hands and squat :)

a lot like squats except you lean against a wall and hold the position for a good amount of time. Start off doing 3 sets of holding your squat for 10 seconds. Maybe put on a watch to keep track of your time.

run up and down your stairs. haha i know it sounds ridiculous but it really helps. 

O4. RUN:
Go on jogs in your neighborhood. Go up lots of hills to really work your thigh muscles. If its too cold outside or too hot go to a gym and run on a treadmill. It helps because you can change the incline and you can see how much your running and keep a good speed.

Riding your bike is fun and good excercise. Put it on a hard gear but make sure you can handle it. Go up lots of hills and try to pedal as fast as you can. Make sure to drink lots of water!

---- Now if you want good results you can just do the workout alone. You have to eat right too. Check out our tip on that : http://www.polyvore.com/tip_03_how_to_eat/set?id=24368392

So i hope this helps and hope yall are having a great week so far!!!

~ Peace it. Rachelll :)))
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