Hey its Brooke @beautygirl13 (:
Ever been super bored with your bestfriend/s? Here's 100, yes, 100! things to do with your bestfriend

1. Prank call people
2. Doorbell ditch
3. Makeovers
4. Blind makeovers
5. Have a paint fight
6. Watch movies
7. Bake
8. Cinnamon challenge
9. Salt and Ice Challenge
10. Banana and Sprite Challenge
11. Chubby Bunny
12. Do each others hair
13. Go to the mall
14. Go to the zoo
15. Go to the movies
16. Go to the beach
17. Plan parties
18. Get your nails done at the salon
19. Do each others nails
20. Toilet paper someones house :p
21. Have a photoshoot
22. Make T-shirts
23. Draw
24. Cook
25. Ride your bikes
26. Dance together
27. Sing together
28. Make up an ultimate handshake
29. Gossip c:
30. Go caroling to people's houses (even after Christmas :p )
31. Play Truth or Dare
32. Play Would You Rather
33. Skype people
34. Facetime people
35. Have a race on your street
36. Walk around your town
37. Go to carnival/festival
38. Go out to eat
39. Make friendship bracelets
40. Read magazines
41. Homework...
42. Crafts
43. Watch your favorite TV show
44. Play Mario Kart
45. Just Dance
46. Any video game :p
47. Make a music video
48. Go to Boomers
49. Mini golfing
50. Theme park
51. Make bows
52. Eat c:
53. Have a fashion show
54. Mall Scavenger Hunt
55. Make anklets
56. Pull pranks
57. Dip dye your hair
58. Call someone to tell them you can't talk right now
59. Fill water ballons with soap and water and wash your car
60. Go to McDonalds and ask for a happy meal with extra happy.
61. Put a Walkie-Talkie in a gnome and shout at people when they walk by!
62. Put a dora doll in the middle of Walmart.When someone tries to pick it up yell "SWIPER NO SWIPING".
63. Melt Starbursts in microwave, smush several together, freeze them on a stick like a popsicle, and enjoy!
64. Put a walkie talkie in your mailbox and shout at everyone who walks by.
65. Super glue a quarter to the floor and see how many people try to pick it up.
66. Draw disturbing faces on all the eggs in the fridge, make them look scared!
67. Draw pictures in the dark and see how they turn out...
68. With a serious face, order and diet water when you go out to eat
69. Hide a walkie talkie in your tree and scream when people walk by.
70. Fill 100 water balloons and put them all on a trampoline see how wet you get
71. Go into the middle of a crowd and call out a random name and see who replies.
72. Stand in the middle of a crowded place and point up. Everyone will look.
73. Empty out a stapler. then go up to someone and fake staple their chest.........watch the result!
74. In the middle of a serious conversation, announce what color your toothbrush is.
75. Look at see through glass and when someone is on the other side shout "OH MY GOD, I'M HIDEOUS!"
76. Put plastic wrap on a doorway and wait for people to walk into it.
77. Put a sticknote on a drive thru microphone that says "speaker broken. please yell." the watch..
78. Write "Free Gumballs" on a piece of paper, and tape it to a gumball machine, and watch.
79. Get friends and fill up balloons with paint and have a war.
80. Give as many high fives at Wal*Mart as possible. (Keep track and make high scores!).
81. When a classmate raises there hand to ask a question. highfive them, then make your friend high-five them too
82. Build a house out of gummy bears.
83. Point into the sky and say "look a dead bird" and see how many look.
84. Go to Burger King and ask them for directions to McDonalds.
85. Walk through a store calling out marco and see how many polos you get back.
86. Wite "sorry for the damage on your car" and put it on random cars
87. Do the invisible rope prank!
88. Write, "i know where you live!" and put it on peoples mailboxes
89. wrap each other in bubble wrap them run into each other
90. In a crowded area, shout 'Heads Up!'. See how many people react
91. Do a bonfire at the end of the school year and put all your homework in it
92. Go into a supermarket and try to put items into peoples carts without them noticing!
93. Dress up like a secret service agent and follow random people around.
94. Smile at random people passing by and when they smile back, frown.
95. Sit on both of your legs. When both legs go entirely numb,RUN, you wont make it.
96. Pretend to work at places without telling the manager...see how long you last 
97. Call up Pizza Hut and ask for Dominios number.
98. Go up to a person and ask "can I ask you a question" and when they say sure say thanks and walk away.
99. Walk into McDonald's, go up to the counter, and ask where the nearest McDonald's is.
100. Run around the city tagging people saying your it and run away...see if they chase you.

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