100 pale pink photos

Hey Guys,
So I'm watching Phil's live show right now :) hehe
And Dan has the same advent calendar as me! It's fate. We just have to get married and live happy ever after now.
So yes, that's my life. Funny because I'm a bigger Danosaur than Philion and my brother has Phils calender :)
I also had art course work to do today which wasn't bad. I've nearly finished it and it's taking forever. I have to draw things like nuts & bolts and paperclips in 3D. It's so fucking boring but I'm not a bad drawer at all so it COULD BE WORSE :)
But yeah,
That's my day oh and also I brought 'The perks of being a wallflower' book which I shall read and tell you about (I have a feeling it may change my life..)
Bye guys!
But remember,
Lululovesyou xx
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pretty sets!,.

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True, very true.

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Who doesn't love em? @enotia :D x

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Phan ♥