100 Pink Pictures

(Part 3)
Hope you like x
Hey guys,
So I've been super busy and haven't got round to making a set but I found this in my drafts. So yeah,
Sorry about that!
Thanks for all the lovely messages and comments I've had recently I really appreciate it and love every single one of you. This is defiantly one of my favourite websites ever as the people are so nice and it's really brought my confidence back up :) Thanks also for helping me reach 3,000 vies on my sets just TODAY! I showed my brother and he was pretty amazed by it. I can't thank you all enough!
I'm going out for the day again tomorrow, I think yet again a place with NO internert. But it doesn't matter to much. I'm going to be spending the day at the beach with my family and nan :) I'm really for overdose of chips and spending WAY to much money in the arcade. (It's the typically English beach. You know Arcade's, Sitting by the beach eating chips in the rain, penny sweets and a rocky beach!) But no I really like it there it's a lot more...peaceful than up here in the city. But I could NEVER leave London. I'm planning to move to central London once I've finished college :) That's a while away though. Now I just have 10 days until I surround my self of 3 years of hard work to pass all my subjects. Fuck my life. It's like when Danisnotonfire dropped out of college :P I had too.
Bye guys,
Have a lovely evening and day tomorrow,
Don't eve forget to s-m-i-l-e
But remember,
lululovesyou xx

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Wrote three years ago
ahaha @upsidedown-airwaves :) I love your name as well x

Wrote three years ago
This makes me love pink right now


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