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Hey Guys,
Wow, It's early over here. 7:30 AM on a Sunday morning (I have a job, so that explains that.) I might go back to bed in a bit or just watch a film and wait for today to be over (i.e wait for the radio show! <3)
Anyway these past 2 days have been good for me. I've thought about him but it's really odd. When I do, nothing comes into my head. I'm not angry or annoyed or do I think about what we were. I don't think about our arguments or the times we spent together in the city or park. I just think of his name. This is amazing for me and it means I really am getting somewhere.
Last night I deleted all of our direct messages on Twitter. That was nice to do. I guess because in those messages, he broke up with me, we argued, we both said horrible things. Everyday we would finish school and either one of us would make an effort to start a convosation. I'd say about 80% of them turned into an argument and telling each other that we could do without one another. And so it went on like this for 2 weeks. Argument after argument.
I'm happy to have got rid of that, It was weighing me down.
I get a new phone this time next week! This is exciting, I can't wait :) I get to keep our snapshots of our chats and pictures and everything like that. But the only thing I don't, our 9,000 texts to each other. At the moment yeah, this bothers me.
Those texts are more than just texts to each other. We started out like this. In these texts WE started. We flirted, he asked me out, we talked about everything you could ever imagine. From what our favorite food was to if we would ever last. We had problems and sorted them out. We told each other we loved each other and said good night to each other every-single-day.
These texts made us. They were our lives for 2 months. He asked me out over text. He broke up with me over text.
No, our relationship wasn't like that. It's not as bad as it sounds. We loved each other. We really did, and I understand that now.
So, this time next week i'll have to say good bye to those texts and that's it. That's all I have of me and him left. I got rid of everything else. The bracelets in my memory box, the twitter messages are gone, I ate all the chocolate he got me for valentines day and we don't follow each other on twitter anymore. That's it, after I get rid of these. We are done. I have nothing left other than memories and that's all we will both have. So that's it. They'll be gone next Sunday and I'm glad. I really am.
But remember,
Lululovesyou x
Justin Bieber - Nothing Like Us
The Next Day:
Hey Guys,
So it's a Monday morning and lets just say that doesn't put me in the best mood. This day a week ago I shouted at him after school in the pouring rain and everything just went slightly down hill from there . I haven't spoke to him which is really good but I'm so nervous for today. I'm always nervous for school in a Monday. I'm not sure why, guess it's because I haven't been in two days. But anyway, tomorrows date is a bad one for me. The 26th.
Hope you guys all have a good day, I don't know why I'm writing really. I wanted to and I don't have time to make a set/collection so I'll write it here.
Bye guys x

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Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
Haha aww thank you @jahnneycantrell xx Glad you like it <3

Wrote three years ago
Im going to be using a lot of these for sets !!! I love your collections !!! good job


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