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Hey Guys,
I got an A in art! ahhh! How even did I do that?
Guess what?
I don't have a motherfucking clue! ahhaa I'm happy about it :)
Art is my number one option to save my future (lets be honest here) art is all I have to do well in my life and to grow up and become something. And so the fact that I got an A today just made me feel that I can do it and yes, it's all I have but it's worth trying. So yeah, super happy about that x
I know I use this Polyvore as a way of writing down things important but I really can't write well anymore. I'm not sure why, only in these past 2 weeks everything's been crazy and everything's got way ahead of me but it's hard now. I hope i'll be able to write better soon. I mean, I have just broke up with my boyfriend of 3 months, Smoked and walked out of class in tears on many occasions. But I'll still be on here. Don't worry :)
But remember,
Lululovesyou xx


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