1. Your name: Ruppy
2. Your age: 18
3. Your birthday: March
4. Your hair colour: Brown 
5. Your eyes colour: Brown
6. Your height: 1,66
7. Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?: No
8. If you said yes what's his/her name?: 
9. Are you in love with someone?: i think yes but i'm not sure:P
10. Do you have brothers or sisters?: Yes
11. if you have what's their name?: Milena 
12. Your fav colour?: nude , brown
13. your fav food?:spaghetti
14. your fav sweet?: BISCUITS
15. your fav colour?: Brownnn 
16. your fav pair of shoes: flat shoes , UGGs 
17. your fav clothes?:tops,shorts,dresses etc.
18. your fav actor (male): they are many :)
19. your fav actress (female): emma watson etc.
20. your fav movie: starstruck.
21. your fav tv show:next top model
22. your fav tv series: I have none 
23. your fav movie soundtruck: “sunshine baby ‘
24. your fav singer: (male):bruno mars
25. your fav singer (female):Adele etc.
26. your fav band/group:One direction
27. your fav song: Grenade
28. what kind of music do you like?: all kind
29. what kind of movies do you like?: mostly melodramas ..
30. your fav model (male): Franchesco Lachowski.
31. your fav model (female): Tyra Banks.
32. your fav tv president (male): no
33. your fav tv president (female): no
34. your fav political: i don't have.
35. your fav book: Psathina kapela
36. your fav writer: -
37. your fav book siries: -
38. your fav animal: Dog
39. do you have a pet?: no :(
40. what mark is your sunglasses?: Ray Ban
41. Do you have a nickname?: yes
42. If yes what is it?: ..my name  lol
43. Do you ever killed someone?: NOO :P
44. Do you ever steal? no :P
45. do you like football?: no :)
46. who is your fav player?: ibrahim afellay
47. do you like basketball?: nope
48. who is your fav player?: ..
49. Can you lick you elbow? no
50. Your grade in math? 18-19
51. your fav subject?: literature,english,biology..
52. your worst subject?: chemistry
53. Have you ever eaten paper?nope
54. What do you want to be when you're older? haven't decided yet
55.What time is it? 10:27
56. The last word that you say?the food was delicious :P 
57. Do you like hats? yes :D
58. If you'd have to be a monster - wich one? ghost
59. choose a number: 7
60. CHOOSE: romantic novel or history book/:romantic novel!
61. Where are you from? Armenia
62. Favorite saying? not
63. Do you believe in God? yes
64. What would you like to be if you were not human?A tiger
65. The historical person who you like most?:No one
66. Tell 24 words starting with, A,B, C, D, E, F,G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.: i' so bored to do it right now.... :/
67. What are you listening to right now?: the tv.
68. fav kind of ice cream: chocolate
69. fav computer game: i don't have!
70. fav actor (male) in tv series: ..
71. fav actress (female) in tv series: ..
72. fav role in a tv series by a male: none
73. fav role in a tv series by female: none
74. fav flower: Rose.
75. your worship song: Pitbull songs.
76. fav cartoon (male): Spongebob Squarepants!
77. fav cartoon (female): Barbie&12 princesses :P
78. fav Fantasy creatures? -
79. fav drink: Red bull 
80. fav musical: High school & starstruck
81. Amusement park? ..
82. Attraction at the amusement park? -
83. Weather? Cold
84. do you like summer? yes!!
85. do you like winter? no :D
86. what about spring? yes :)
87. and fall? no :S
88. Which famous villain from a novel you'd like to be?no one
89. Have you ever won a competition? yes!
90. if yes what? Here :D lol 
91. Looking for something at google? very often
92. What is supposed to represent your avatar? don't know
93. Would you rather be a princess or a witch? Princess
94. Are you really good at school? Not the best but i'm very good
95. You read magazines? very often
96. your fav magazine?: Vogue, Yes, OopS .
97. Which cell phone do you have? Iphone 3G , Samsung Wave
98. Do you have freckles? nope
99. What's your best friend name? Mary :)
100. tag here some people you like here in polyvore, that you think they are good friends : @moniquepirinyan , @hahn , @euafyl , @rainie-minnie , @stylistish , @rikka-alethea , @fashionvip , @mari-moon . Thanks for your gift sets and all your support... Hugs and kisses :**
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